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How to shop the Kroger Mega Sale :: Video

There are always questions about the Kroger Mega Sale so I wanted to do a quick video to answer some of those questions. We post a complete Kroger matchup every week, normally on Thursday for the upcoming week.

Hopefully this helps you in your success with and understanding the sale.



  1. Dee says

    If you could clarify a little more for me it would be a lot of help. :)

    I understand that you have to buy at least 10 (or whatever the minimum # of items for the sale is) to save the $ amount off the total transaction.

    But you stated that if you bought 11 it wouldn’t work for that item.
    So, I’d still get the orginal $ amount off because I -do- have 10 but nothing extra for the 11th item? Or does that make the sale invalid on all items?
    Am I able to purchase 20 items in the sale and save double the $ amount (one for each 10 items) in the same transaction? Or will I need to break each set down into their own separate transactions because it will only apply to the first 10 items in the sale and that’s it?

    My apologies if any of my questions sound confusing. I’m new to all this coupon stuff and this is the first mega type sale that I’ve run into since starting. Thank you for any additional help. :)

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      Yes, you have to buy the minimum and in sets of the minimum to get more discounts.

      You are able to purchase additional quantities in the same transaction and get additional discounts :-)

  2. Toni W says

    I just went to Kroger on Tuesday 5/3/11 for the mega sale. My receipt shows the -.50 off each item now & not the -$5 at the end.

    So does this still hold on the new sale? Do you have to buy the 10 items?

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      It shows $.50 off for each item now BUT you still have to buy in “10” to get that discount.

      • shelby says

        I just got home and noticed the same thing – each [+] item had “-$.50” after it. I was very excited that I wouldn’t have to count and recount every mega event item anymore until I looked again VERY carefully and noticed in the middle of my receipt where one little pasta didn’t have the $.50 taken off. Very sneaky! (I accidentally bought one extra item even though the cashier counted for me!)

  3. Rachel G. says


    Thanks so much for all of your very helpful info. regarding Kroger! Unfortuantely work blocks videos!! GRR! I do have a question though;

    Regarding the MEGA sale – Old Spice Body Wash – I plan on purchasing 3 with 3-B1G1 coupons – could you please tell me if I will get credit for 6 items vs. 3 items. I’m trying to plan accordingly so I don’t have any mis-haps! Also, is there a limit on the MEGA sale? I currently have 40 items I wish to purchase giving me $20 back — is that correct?

    Thanks again for all of your help!! =)

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      You will get credit for the free items too :-) There is no limit. Yes, 40 items = $20 savings! Yay! LMK how it goes :-)

  4. Betsi Turner says

    Do you have to buy 10 identical items…or can you mix and match, as long as you have groups of 10? Thank you:)

  5. Amanda says

    Can you buy 10 of the same thing and use 10 of the same coupons? For example, could I buy 10 colgate toothpastes and use 10 .50 off coupons?

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