Stockpile Time :: Hot Steals & Deals at the Store!

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Here are the Hot Steals and Deals this week! It is Stockpile Time!

This List Has Expired
Rite Aid
Dollar General

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  1. kristina urquhart says:

    Love this post!!!!!!

  2. Maria Wright says:

    For the Rite Aid Revlon Deal, the Revlon Emory Boards and the fingernail clippers come up as less than 1.75 for 2, so you make at least $2.25!

  3. Michele says:

    There is a difference between Lowery Spice Blends(jar) and the Seasoning Mixes(packet). Can you really use a coupon for the Spice Blends to purchase The Taco Seasoning? I have the save 50 cents on any two seasoning mixes and the save 50 cents on any one spice blend.

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says:

      It is based on the wording not the picture. I don’t have that coupon however my database says – $0.50/1, Lawry’s Spice Blend, any – 04-17-11 RP. Is that the correct wording?

      • Michele says:

        I have both coupons and looked up the product descriptions on the Lowery website. Spice Blends are not the same as the pre-measured seasoning packets.
        Spice Blends include:
        Black Pepper Seasoned Salt
        Garlic Pepper
        Garlic Powder with Parsley
        Garlic Salt
        Garlic Spread
        Lemon Pepper Seasoning
        Salt Free 17
        Seasoned Pepper
        Seasoned Salt
        25% Less Sodium Seasoned Salt

  4. At the end of this post it says: “DO NOT copy or post this matchup without permission. You may link to it without permission. We have a copy/paste protection and get an email when you use it. It takes hours to complete and we don’t appreciate it when you try to use without credit.”. I totally understand what you’re trying to avoid, but I have a question – I like to copy and past onto MS Word for MYSELF and go in and delete the items I’m not interested in to avoid having to look all through them. I don’t have a website, etc., this would be for my own personal use. If you’re still uncomfortable with that, I more than understand – just wondering.

    You guys have helped me so much – everyone who stops me in the stores and asks me questions – I always tell them about your site. Thanks!

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