Stockpile Time :: Hot Steals & Deals at the Store!

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Here are the Hot Steals and Deals this week! It is Stockpile Time!

This List Has Expired
Dollar General
Rite Aid

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  1. sandy weinstein says:

    i am so upset, i was shopping in kroger’s last nite, had over 25.00 of coupons for free items and someone reached in the bottom of my cart and stole them….i fiqured out who it was, i reported to the store manager but he refused to do anything, so i filed a police report. i guess i should be glad that i had my purse on my shoulder. i cant believe someone could be that low….if i ever see that person again, because kroger said he is a regular, i am going to confront him….i thought something was up because he was following me and looking at me. he just waited until i walked away from my cart for a few minutes and reached in and stole them….i hope he gets his due!

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