Stockpiling Saturday – Shelf Life

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Today for Stockpiling Saturday we are talking about Shelf Life of products.  I always wonder so i decided to look it up and see!

Product Shelf Life

Biscuit, brownie, muffin and cake mix 9 months or until expiration

Casserole Mix: Complete or add Meat 9-12 months

Cookies Packaged last up to 2 months

Crackers 3 months

Frosting canned 3 months

Frosting packaged 8 months

Hot roll mix 18 months

Pancake Mix 6-9 months

Piecrust Mix 8 months

Potatoes: instant 6-12 months

Pudding Mixes 12 months

Rice Mixes 6 months

Sauce and gravy mix 6-12 months

Soup mixes 12 months

Toaster pastries 2-3 months

Always use precaution!  If there is doubt THROW IT OUT!!  There is no amount of money worth your health or your family’s.

***Most products need to be stored in a cool and dry place. The least amount of sunlight is best. Most products need to be in an airtight package!

I have used information I have found through the USDA and by the University of Missouri Extension Service.

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