Create a Summer Learning Basket

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It is Summertime and this year I created a Summer Learning Basket for my son.  Inside of the basket I placed Workbooks and Flashcards that I picked up at the Dollar Tree, all his reading logs, his leaspter and two great activity card sets that I got from Usborne Books at our school book fair.  Monday-Friday he spends 1 hour a day doing an activity or two and reading.  It is his “quiet time” and a great time for learning.  He is SO excited about his special basket that he actually asks to do it each day.  The leapster can only be played ONE day a week to limit additional screen time.  You can read my post here on how we limit screen time at our house.

By simply creating the Summer Learning Basket and placing it in our living room we don’t “forget” to do it and he is excited about it because it is NEW to him and just for HIM he is even more excited!

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  1. That is a great idea for encouraging learning and fun at the same time.

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