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Did You Know – Do you have cookies that stick to the pan?

Do you have cookies that stick to the pan? If you do you can get them off by sliding a piece of dental floss between the cookie and the pan!



  1. Aimes says

    Another good tip is to cover a muffin tin with aluminum foil…put cookie dough in spots where a muffin would be, to make the pan an air bake pan!
    Then you would never have excessively browned bottoms!

  2. Aimes says

    Not a problem doll! I also do bottomless biscuits this way! Just use canned biscuits, bake in oven for 5 minutes, then flip……no burnt or brown bottoms!

  3. Debbie says

    Since I started using my Pampered Chef pizza stone my cookies are prefect! Also for rolled sugar cookies I use a silicon cookie mat on a cookie steet & they don’t brown on the bottom at all!

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