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Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Inserts Review & Giveaway :: CLOSED

UPDATE:  This giveaway is CLOSED

My husband has been complaining of aching feet for months!  He kept saying that he wanted to try custom inserts but never did anything about it.  When we were given the opportunity to review Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Inserts we decided to give him the opportunity.  As you know just because a shoe “looks good” and is “in style” doesn’t mean it feels good.  If you are like us and always on the go then often times you will have aching feet by the end of the day.  If you have ever felt the pain of aching feet you know what I mean.

One way to help your feet feel better is with a custom fit® shoe insert like those from Dr. Scholl’s®.  However this is not your typical shoe insert that you get at the store.  This is a custom fit® shoe insert!

It is simple to do, all you do is visit a Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Center at retail store.  We found them at Walmart and Meijer.  Simply locate the Dr. Scholl’s kiosk at the store.  You use a touch screen and step up to the kiosk.  You do have to remove your shoes but not your socks.  Follow the simple directions and the sensors do the work!  They use more than 2,000 sensors and special Footmapping® Technology to create the perfect custom fit insert for you.  It will evaluate your arch and more.  Then it will give you a recommendation for a Custom Fit Insert.  My husband said the entire process took less than 3 minutes!

You can purchase the inserts on the spot.  My husband has been using the inserts for 3 weeks and has been very happy with the results.  He is able to switch them from his dress shoes to his tennis shoes to even his soccer cleats!  They have worked well in all the shoes he wears.  He did mention that he would like another pair so that he doesn’t have to switch them from his dress shoes to his tennis shoes so that was a sign to me that they were helping.  He said that at the end of the 3 weeks he finds the pain is decreasing daily and that he would recommend them to others.  The inserts are placed in the heel of your shoe and are about 3/4 the length of the foot.  He has never worn an insert before and I asked him if he noticed the insert wasn’t the full length of the shoe and he said he didn’t.

My husband is on his feet most all day and he said the inserts were a huge lifesaver for him.  If you have sore feet he suggests checking them out.   You can visit to find a Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Center near you and learn more about the Footmapping Technology.  Best of all there is a $7.50 rebate on the purchase of Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Inserts!  You know we like that!

We have a giveaway for (1) lucky Stockpiling Moms reader to receive (1) free pair of Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Inserts (Value $50). You must visit a Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Center if you win for your sizing.  Go to to be sure there is a location in your area.  This giveaway ends on 6/16/11 at midnight EST.  This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18+.

To enter:

Make a comment after checking to see if there is a location near you that you want to try Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Inserts.

For additional entries:

Come back and say “Daily Entry

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Dr. Scholl’s and received a Custom Fit Orthotics from Dr. Scholl’s to facilitate my review.

Don’t forget to enter our 40 Day Surprise Giveaway – It ends on 7/5/11!

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  1. Kristen says

    There’s a location 5 miles from me; I’d love to try Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Inserts!

  2. katklaw777 says

    Yes there is, at the Walmart where I get my groceries. Sooooooooo,
    I want to try Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Inserts, thanks!

  3. Angel Burch says

    My husband has a new job where he stays on his feet all day and they are literally bruised and he complains every day that they hurt. These things are so expensive there is no way we can ever afford them, he wants to try Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Inserts to see if his feet will heal and feel better.

    I am also sharing this on my facebook page!



  4. sarah siskin says

    I am dying to get these for our sons who are both chef’s. I know they have the footmapping at my local Walmart, but I checked anyhow just to make sure!! Nice giveaway!!

  5. Tracey says

    There are several right near me. Would love to try the Dr. Scholl’s custom fit inserts.