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Stockpiling Saturday – Staples Shelf Life

Today for Stockpiling Saturday we are talking about Staples Shelf Life.  Many people do not know shelf lives of their stockpile items. I was one of those people. I have used information I have found through the USDA and by the University of Missouri Extension Service. The best way to keep up with shelf lives is to pay attention to expiration dates. Expiration dates are not always easy to read! When I have an item I can not read I use my list to judge. I write the date on the box. I also write the date on every Ziploc bag that goes in my freezer! This helps so you do not waste your money!
Staples – Shelf Life

Baking powder – 18 months or date on package
Baking Soda – 2 Years
Bouillon Cubes – 2 years
Cereal Unopened – 6-8 months
Cereal Opened – 2-3 months
Hot Cereal – 6 months
Chocolate – 18 months
Chocolate Syrup unopened – 2 years
Chocolate Syrup opened – 6 months (refrigerate after opening)
Coffee: Coffee can be frozen, which extends shelf life!
Cans, unopened – 2 years
Cans, opened -2 weeks (my husband would beg to differ)
Instant, unopened – 1-2 years
Instant, opened – 2 months
White – 6-8 months
Whole wheat – 6-8 months
Gelatin – 18 months
Honey – 12 months (If it crystallizes, warm open jar in hot water)
Jelly or Jam – 12 months
Syrup unopened – 12 months – 6 months opened

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    For serious stockpiling has food storage info under Provident Living by the original stockpilers :)

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