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Stockpiling Saturday – Stockpiling for Vacation

Today for Stockpiling Saturday I am talking about Stockpiling for Vacation.  I stockpile for vacation all year round and for the same reasons I stockpile groceries. Why should I pay full price?

First, let’s take on the personal items! We teach everyone to shop in the travel section because this is the place you get most things FREE! I always purchase the following things in the travel section for vacation:

  1. Travel Tide
  2. Travel Shout Wipes
  3. Travel First Aid Kits
  4. Travel Band Aids
  5. Travel Contact Solution

The things I do not buy in the travel section are toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, and conditioner.  The reason I do not buy these in the travel section is because I can get the regular size at a very low cost or FREE!

Always shop the season clearance for when you are traveling.  For instance, if you know you are going to the beach next summer shop this summer for your beach needs!

Great places to look:

  1. Wal-Mart end of summer sales
  2. K-mart end of summer sales
  3. Disney Store Outlet – You can get to the outlet through the Disney  site.  Our link is below and can also be found on our shopping site!You can find discount apparel and cheap awesome quality beach towels at the end of the season.  These are also perfect Christmas gifts for those little ones you may be planning a Disney or Beach trip is the official site to find your favorite Disney toys, electronics, collectibles, apparel, movies and more.
  4. Clothes for the kids, I LOVE the Children’s Place end of season clearance! People always say I thought you were frugal but your kids are always in nice clothes.  Well that was a $5.00 t-shirt with a 15% off.  Cheaper than Wal-Mart!
  5. Almost any department store has end of year clearance!  Last year I picked up Kenneth Cole sandals regular price $75.00 and purchased them for $15.99.  I bought 4 pairs!
  6. Use those FREE coupons you get from all your stores.  For instance, lots of email clubs send you a $5.00 off any purchase or Victoria Secret sends a FREE Panty coupon all the time.  Use these coupons to get FREE merchandise and save it for the times you need it the most!
  7. During the holidays, there are many toy coupons out.  We bought 2 Bop-Its for $8.00 and we used them to entertain the kids while standing in line at Disney!  Always think outside the box.  I also purchased a lot of Hasbro Card Games for FREE and we played at night before settling down for bed.
  8. Need new videos for those road trips?  Check the $3.00 bin at Wal-Mart or use those Disney coupons!

Always be looking out for a great deal!  End of seasons are the time to shop!

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