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Stockpiling Saturday – Need help?

There have been many questions in our chat box, facebook, and comments in post about getting started and where to turn. There is tons of information on our site that many people do not know is there. I always recommend people look around the site and click away. This is the way you will find a lot of info. We have tried to make our site very user friendly and you can find buttons on the side bars to help you.

These are great places to start:

Learn How to Stockpile – Stockpiling 101 series (Located on sidebar)

Need to find a coupon for your item check out our Coupon Database! Type in the name of your product and all the coupons will pop up! (Located on sidebar)

Dining Out Deals (Located on sidebar)

Looking for a Reward Program? (Located on sidebar)

Need a Coupon Code? (Located on Orange Menu Bar)

Look for the Hot Deals! (Located on Orange Menu Bar)

Purchase coupons, All you Magazine, Sunday Enquirer, Digital Coupons, Coupon trading, and much more under Resources on the Brown Menu bar of our page.

Print coupons with us located on the Brown Menu bar under Print Coupons

Check out the freebies on the Brown Menu bar

Check out our Coupons Classes! (Located on brown menu bar)

Ways to Save!! (Located on the orange menu bar)

Check out the Blog Frog – Visit our Community located on the orange menu bar

DO NOT miss Hot Deals at the Store! You will not ever want to miss this post every week!

Do not miss the Coupon Preview on Thursdays!

and there are many many other things you can find on our site!! Just click away!



  1. su says

    This is great! I would still be “extremely”(haha) interested in a basic list of your “buy or stock-up” prices. I used to think $1-1.30/box of cereal was pretty good until I saw you said(somewhere) that your cereal buy price was $.90. Help!

    Thanks for all you both do and have a nice weekend:0)

  2. katherine says

    Hi, I’m interested in your classes, but what state do you live in…I live in Central, NJ.
    Anything close to me.

  3. Becky says

    I know you have classes in N. Kentucky, but, did you ever think about doing a webinar class?

    Thanks for everything you do for us.

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