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Stockpiling Back To School Supplies

Stockpiling Back To School Supplies

Stockpiling during the Back To School Sales is the greatest thing  I am crazy for school supplies and I only have a kindergartner. BUT, there are lots of things to stock up on that we just use around the house. Everyone knows Crayons get broken, glue sticks dry up when the lid is not shut, markers also dry, chalk breaks, sharpeners fall apart, backpacks get holes and sometimes lost, and the list goes on and on!!

These are the questions we ask ourselves all year round about our groceries and personal items. School supplies should be no different! Plan ahead!

Why should you stockpile? Throughout the school year things tend to increase in price and somethings disappear totally! Why pay $1.99 or more for a pack of crayons you can purchase now for $.20. You could purchase and stockpile 10 boxes of crayons for the price of one during the school year! This only makes perfect sense!

What should you stockpile? crayons, paints, colored pencils, markers, scissors, glue sticks, glue, folders, paper, notebooks, paperclips, tape, binders, and much much more!

Other things I pickup are: construction paper, stickers, cotton balls, glitter, or any other crafty items. I have found when my son has an assignment I have what we need. I don’t have to worry about paying full price and risk not being able to find these products throughout the year. $1.00 and under bins are stuffed with great crafty items and they always hit around back to school!

Take time to stuff your backpacks and maybe throw in a little extra for donations! This is also a great time to pick up stocking stuffers for Christmas! I think of Christmas all year round! I often find magnets and fluffy pillows that are meant for dorm rooms but they make great Christmas gifts!

Happy Back To School Shopping!! Let us know when you find HOT deals!!

Be sure to check out our Back To School Deals.

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