Do you love the Farmer’s Market?

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Do you love the Farmer’s Market?  I recently went to the Farmer’s Market with my niece and son while visiting my Mom in Berea, KY. I normally don’t shop the Farmer’s Market because I garden and participate in a Produce Co-op. However, I loved the variety that the local Farmer’s Market offered. Our favorite was the BREAD!

So do you love the Farmers? Market? I would love to hear any tips for success that you have! My tips are to shop late for bargains and bring your own reusable shopping bags.

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Do you love the Farmer’s Market?

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  1. I love the farmer’s market! Unfortunately I don’t have any tips because the one by my office only has one price – cheap! I get great deals and the prices remain steady. In NY there is a list online of all the farmer’s markets in the area.

  2. We have a farmers market only 2 blocks from my house every weekend, all summer long. There are small gardeners to big farmers, including several local Amish farmers.

    My biggest tip is to look for surplus deals and stock-up!
    Sometimes gardeners/farmers will have more of something that week then they can sell, so it is cheaper then anyone else selling the same product.

    Last year one local farmer had green beans for .50cents for a brown lunch sack full! It worked out to be roughly 2.5 lb per lunch bag. I bought about 7 bags worth, came home blanched and froze them. When steamed they tasted like they were fresh out of the garden – We were eating them all winter long.

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