Stockpiling Saturday – My 5 Year Old Son Explains A Raincheck

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This week for Stockpiling Saturday my 5 Year Old Son Explains A Raincheck. My son is very smart about couponing! You do not realize how much your children watch you! Chase impresses me everyday with his knowledge of saving money and ways to do it. It has become a lifestyle for all of us! Thought I would make this week fun!! Thanks Chase!

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  1. Gigi Fratus says:

    Sooo cute

  2. I agree…..sooooo cute!

  3. That is precious! Kudos to you who have taught your son at an early age to be frugal. He will thank you many years from now.

  4. Melissa@StockpilingMoms says:

    So cute Chaser! We love it!

    Melissa and Peyton

  5. I have two boys, 8 & 6 yrs. old. They go shopping with me very often they will go down the isle and get all the blinkie coupons they can find, They have turned it into a game to see who can get the most.. Every where we go they find me coupons. By the time we leaving a store we have over 50 coupons that people have droped or from blikkies.. They crack me up.. Mom’s little helpers :)

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