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Stockpiling Saturday – Non Believers

Today for Stockpiling Saturday let’s talk about Non Believers.  When you start Stockpiling people act like you are a crazy person! They just do not get it! My friend, Kristine, asked me a million times “Why do you need 10 tubs of butter?” I said “we use them.” She thinks I am a nut! I explained to her that my butter will last for a long time and we will use it by the time it goes on sale again! AND IT WAS FREE!! She still did not get it and she still doesn’t!

It took a very long time to get my husband to buy in to this. He did not understand why we were spending just as much for the first few months! “Aren’t we supposed to be saving” he said! Well, yes and no! The first few months you are building your stockpile and then you will start living off of it as your adding to it! My husband did not get this! He just saw me walking in with 15 boxes of cereal!

The months to follow were a different story! Melissa and I both agree our husbands took a while to get used to the idea! But, then they saw a decline in spending and we were STILL EATING!!! (you can tell at my house) After a few months they wanted to know how we were eating and not spending! That is when they found out they needed to start making room for the stockpile! Melissa’s husband built shelves and my husband put together shelves from Home Depot and we built a stockpile room in the basement. They finally were beginning to understand! They saw we were saving our families hundreds of dollars a month! This made them “Believers!”

The point is DO NOT get discouraged! You can do it and it will work! You just need to stay organized and upbeat about your savings! It will all be worth it in the end! Stockpiling for your family is ok and smart! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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  1. Cathy says

    I started couponing in May after watching Extreme Couponing. I didn’t have grandiose ideas of getting a $1000 worth of groceries for $10 but I did believe I was smart enough to figure out this “coupon thing”. Boy-oh-boy have I figured it out. My oldest son who is 30 thinks I’m a nut…He laughs at my binder (which he calls my trapperkeeper)…That’s ok! He can laugh all he wants but during my last visit to his house, his wife asked him to take out the mustard and ketchup…Guess what! They were out of both. Hmmph, I say to him…”I have plenty at my house. You wanna know why? Coupons…I’m stocked up and if I need it, I simply go to the closet and get it and I paid diddly for it…Now laugh at my trapperkeeper”…. Sorry, I got carried away… Since May, I have a nice little stockpile that I add to weekly. I LOVE MY STOCKPILE…LOL…

  2. Amy says

    I am sooo glad you wrote this article!!! I am a newbie! To all this. But already I have stocked up on coupons!! Last night I went “coupon diving” ;).and I got around 80 coupon books, all of which were NOT expired…awesome! My husband, mom, and friends ( that do not coupon) think I’m into it to much, they think its worthless but … I just tell them…I’m only beginning! LoL. Thank you for this article I’m printing it off and hanging it on our fridge right by the grocery list!!

  3. says

    Thanks; I really needed that encouragement today. I had been curious about couponing, and when I heard all the fuss about the TLC show (I don’t watch TV), I determined I’d try it myself. Now, a month or two into couponing, I can say that I have had some modest success with non-food items, and even a few with food items (I have yet to get anything free, but I HAVE gotten some things for a LOT less than before–and I was a frugal shopper even before this.)

    Again, thanks for the encouragement, and thanks for this site; THIS site is my couponing “bible.”

  4. Diana says

    Here comes another thank you. I just started at the end of May and have certainly spent a lot of time stocking up on sale/coupon items. I’m still learning, but I’m thrilled with my accomplishments so far. I have seen my stockpile grow to a hefty shelf in the basement, with hygeie items stocked upstairs inthe guest bathroom. My family thinks I talk abotu it a little too much, but have enjoyed a summer full of yummy snacks. I’m a little worried now that school is back in, and the eating routine will change again. But I hope to be able to continue to add to my stockpile as it is diminished at the same time. Now especially, I hate running out of something! :)

  5. Shannon says

    Saw how the Capri Sun’s were pictured.. & said free
    Just wondering how u did this ?
    Thanks ! New @ stockpiling (trying) but feel I’m just
    Missing something !

  6. Jamie says

    So I’m seeing your stack of capri sun’s and thinking my little ones are going to totally be raiding that pile, they’re already breaking into the stockpile and going a bit wild. I’ve had a couple of evenings of “Just stop eating”
    …my kiddos aren’t as out of control as this sounds, but my hubby is the same, just a bunch of grazers here… any suggestions?

    • Shannon says


      I have a “off limit place” It happens to be my refridge outside in our garage. And yes I put cereal, brownie mix, cookies, You get the picture. If it is in there it is off limits unless they ask. I bought 6 packages of cookies one weekend and they were gone by Monday AM. I was so mad I threatened them all with their lives and now they ask :)

  7. Shannon says

    I have been couponing since Jan. of this year. I started of just that way and now I am just going for sales and what I need. Have plenty of rice, hamb helper, laundry soap, dish soap, etc…. etc. My hubby loves that I make money every week at CVS.. (NO they do not pay me, but I do have more CVS bucks each week then what I pay out of pocket) I was able to give some friends who were down on their luck things from my “stash” as my hubby fondly calls it. And my 14 yr old daughter thinks I spoil her now :) Just keep going at it, you will finally get there…. all of you will. Oh and thank you for your site with out you I would not be able to do this :)

  8. Jennifer says

    Hi I need some advice on getting things for free. I live in S. FL. I have a Walmart, Save-a-lot, and Usave. No one doubles coupons here. So if you can please e-mail me with some of your knowledge. If you find the time. Thanks,
    Mommy of 5 and a husband

  9. Carolyn says

    Loved this article. Hubby and I are both on social security. He works also, but not a high paying job. Since he works ss holds some of his money every year depending on how much he has worked, usually about 3 of his checks. Sooooooooo, after watching extreme couponing I decided to look into coupons. I spend my days looking to see if there are new coupons. We got a letter early in the year that ss would hold his checks, 2 of them, starting in October. I immediaitely started stockpiling and have a good sized “PILE” here already, just getting prepared for the fall when they hold his checks. First hubby just was horrible, why are you buying all this, you know the routine. I spent the biggest part of my check this month on stockpiling……I don’t get a large check, btw. Then today we get a letter that siad they would be holding 2 checks, two entire checks, but only $84 dollars was due after the first check, they don’t hold partial checks so his entire check will be held instead of just the $84 that we owe over. They will hold the first one this month, not in October, instead we will start getting full checks in October.

    Hubby is really happy that I have the stash that I have, although I am not nearly where I want to be with it, we will make it just fine I have a ton of coupons to use but reallly uncomfortable about using them without his ss coming.

    I grew up on a farm where we grew and preserved most of our food. I do a good sized garden normally, love doing that, but this year we couldn’t put one out, first because of the horrible rain, then the terrible heat. Therefore, I am so very happy that I found this group, even though I had started my stash before I found it.

    And yes, hubby is beside himself that we have the pantry and freezer full, not counting all the other stuff I have stashed here and there.

    Thanks so much for all the great info.

    BTW, I only buy my fresh meat at a local grocer who has a 10# sale the first of the month, have done that for years and don’t intend to change that. I may buy things like smoked sausage, cold cuts or frozen chicken parts at other stores, but not the fresh meat. I buy whole boneless pork loins when I find them on sale, slice them into chops and put some of them into our cuber. I won’t vary on that one bit.

    Novel finished.

    Nite, Nite

  10. Carolyn says

    I lied, not going to bed yet.


    I too have that problem of things going to fast, have a 16 yo grandson here and of course, my hubby, who fussed about all this in the beginning.
    Cookies, snacks……they are the first to go. And ice cream, I seriously am going to have to watch hubby on that, he is the worst of the lot.
    He, who had so little faith in my efforts, LOL.

  11. Nolee says

    I was pleased to read this article. I started after I watched “Extreme Couponing” back in Jan/Feb., and started stockpiling with my tax return money. I still remember my hubby’s face after I came back with 6 body wash bottles and body sprays! To shut him up I always try to buy stuff for him that he likes too. I have to say I am so happy I started couponing….
    We have four school aged children and I noticed without coupons, first things that go are snacks/sweets. And they are not cheap.
    I tell myself am I crazy when sometimes I come home with nothing but ice cream cartons and cereals but it’s working out okay. I always have food to prepare for dinner and nice selection of treats. Now my husband and kids appreciate me taking time to calculate and go shopping for them.

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