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What are you doing with your extra newspapers?

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Most of us are purchasing multiple copies of the Sunday Paper each week.  What are you doing with your extra newspapers?

I have suggested to you in the past to create a recycling center.  If you are not recycling I encourage you to start.  This is a family activity that we do.  Not only are we helping Mother Earth we are also teaching our son too as well.   Another idea is to create a compost bin.

Another idea is to reuse your Comics.  I have a friend who decided to save them for a year and wrapped all of her Christmas presents using them – she had a Charlie Brown Christmas.  What a cute idea!

Of course you can use them to create homemade pinata’s and craft projects and they make great drop cloths for your children’s craft projects.  Another idea is to donate them your local animal shelter.  They are often in need for the animal crates.  You can also donate them to Paper Recycling Bins where local libraries and schools profit.

You may want to read Keeping Mother Earth Happy and Keeping Mother Earth Happy Part 2 a follow up to this post.

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  1. says

    OH! I love the idea of wrapping paper ! That’s awesome – now if my 2 – who generally now get their own version of the comics to read – would neatly fold them back up! Maybe we’ll just have to share 1.

    We use ours for the garden – lining beds before putting in new soil to help with weeds, lining beds we’ve put down for the winter, etc. Also have a pile for projects in the house like painting, etc. instead of using an old sheet – which we never have.

  2. meL says

    Thank your for posting this. The *drop cloth idea is perfect for our upcoming room painting. I would really like to get-into learning how to make them into basket* for storage. Does anybody know how?

  3. Crystal says

    I use it as a weed barrier in my flowerbeds, as a drop cloth for art/paint projects, to line the inside of flowerpots, and the rest I shred and put in my compost bin. Place mats, tablecloths, and book covers are also good uses for newspaper:)

  4. Ann R. says

    Another idea I didn’t see mentioned-ask your school whether they need them for any social studies classes (or any class really). If you are a weekly subscriber-it could help with “current events” assignments.
    Just a thought.

  5. Helen says

    compost worms! my friend had some that she got online. at first i thought it was a bit nuts to have a box ‘o worms in your house but truthfully i’m enjoying it. they multiply like crazy though so i’m going to have to get a bigger box or find someone who wants some. at first i was squemish but now i just put on my gloves and turn the whole thing. it takes about a year to get a full compost and also a little practice bc you have to learn what makes your pile “mushy” and the first time you have to deal with the mush is a bit Gross with a capital G. i’ve got the hang of it now though. takes a while to realize that you shouldn’t add water as the veggies, fruit make the newspaper wet automatically. i’m very proud of my worms. i haven’t thrown out a newspaper in over a year. all it takes is a colored plastic bins (worms like it dark) with holes in it and special worms that you can get in the mail and you’ve got your own recycling (and reusing) center!

  6. Helen says

    also my mom used to wrap all birthday presents with the comics. i think i’ll use newspaper this year and add a little red ribbon. too bad you can’t compost christmas wrapping paper=) i started resuing the “good pieces” of that too. i encourage my kids to ” have fun and rip it” but they seem to like the idea of recycling so they’ll rip it a little on the neat side since they are older.

  7. says

    You can make briquet out of newspapers. :) I do this every week during summer so by winter I have a stockpile.

    Soak shredded old newspaper to bits (it doesn’t have to be tidy) in warm water, then grab a handful and shape into whatever shape you like (squeeze the water out, of course). Leave out in the sun to dry.

    I use toilet paper rolls to shape mine. My toilet-roll-newspaper briquet can burn for as long as half an hour. :)

  8. Joanne Gregory says

    I have used newspaper (not just comics!!) to wrap Christmas gifts. The black and white newsprint goes well with colorful red and green ribbons. Whichever I use, I spray with a light coat of fixative so the recipient doesn’t end up with newsprint on the hands!

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