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Repost – Stockpiling Saturday – Getting Started

Last week a friend and I had a conversation about Stockpiling and coupons!  She was asking me all kinds of questions because she is just starting out.  As I was telling her about stockpiling and strategies of stockpiling I realized that all I ever talked about is how much I have saved!  That is when I realized I forgot an important part for this new stockpiler and couponer!
I DO SAVE LOTS OF MONEY!  But, when you start out you have to be willing to spend some money.  Your grocery bill will rise some when you first start stockpiling because you are working on building a stockpile!  The first thing to remember is you do not stockpile unless it is a “rock bottom” price.  For example, last week I stocked up on paper products!  I spent about $20.00 total on paper products that I will probably use for the next year!  I bought them for $.49 and less.  That is better than buying them for $3-$4 when I need them.  So I Stockpiled!  Another example is, about 3 months ago I was able to buy OJ with my coupons for $.29 a carton.  I bought about 30 cartons and froze them.  $.29 is a “rock bottom” price for any OJ, especially Tropicana!
With this being said, expect an initial rise in your grocery bill but you should also expect a plunge in your grocery bill over time!  One of my first rules on stockpiling is do not buy things you do not use because it is “rock bottom” price.  If you do this you are wasting money!!  I do not even keep coupons of things I do not use or I am not willing to try.  I certainly do not stockpile anything I do not use!
Be Patient!  Stockpiling does save you money and when you have your stockpile built you will save time!  Most people do not stick to a grocery list and spend more money!  You CAN NOT spend money shopping from your stockpile!!  :)
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  1. Michele says

    Hi Shelly and Melissa,

    First I was wondering what you bought paper product wise and where for 49 cents.

    Second, I was wondering if you had a compiled list of stockpile price or the “buy” price for various staples, meats, and household items.

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