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Stockpiling Saturday – Criticism by Employees

Today for Stockpiling Saturday I am discussing Criticism by Employees.  I have debated on whether or not to post this experience but I am still very angry! I always am posting how to try to be positive and deal with people around you but sometimes it is very difficult. I guess when it all boils down to it people just do not understand the “want” to save money and the “want” to give our children a better life. I believe people short change themselves because it is easier.  Who does not have time to save a few hundred dollars.  They don’t have to take it to thousands like I do.  I want to give my children everything and the best opportunities that I can. The $75.00 I saved at the store in one trip can pay for a season of soccer or the $150.00 I saved for the extra tutoring my child may need. Why is it so bad for me to use coupons to better my family!

With this being said, I had a horrible experience at a grocery store in my area. I will not say which one or who the employee was but it is not a positive experience. I was accused of being “one of those people” on the news that fills their trunk with cleared shelves of product! She said “I know who you are!” I assured the woman I was not the lady she saw on the news and if she really read she would see we DO NOT PROMOTE shelf clearing and we do not support buying over 10 items (unless it is a 10 for 10, 11th item FREE sale.) She stood there and actually tried to argue with me. I tried to refuse argument but the more she went on and on the more mad I got. I calmly but in a very firm tone told her how I felt. I also let her know that if it inconveniences others so much they can go to a different line, different store, or get a different job. I will NOT inconvenience my children by not saving money for their activities.

So what to do in these cases:

  1. Go to the Customer Service Desk and Ask for a new cashier.
  2. Do your best to ignore the person or at least be firm and non aggressive.
  3.  Find a manager and report the incident.
  4. Remember the cashier or employee and do not go back to their line.
  5. If you do not feel you have been treated fairly call or write their corporate office and report the incident.  I have found you get better assistance and apology if you sit and take the time to write the events and times of the event down.
  6. ALWAYS remember you are not doing anything wrong!  Stand your ground and believe in yourself and your right to better your family!

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  1. Amber Sergent says

    Maybe it’s jealousy, maybe it’s anger, maybe it’s ignorance, she obviously has no clue how yours and Shelly’s website helps so many in our area. Since I began following your website, my couponing helped pay off our family’s medical bills. Now we’re saving for our first family vacation in five years. Thanks for all you do! Your tips, advice, and lists has made such a positive change in my family.

  2. joan says

    some people just have to show what common sense they do NOT have. I bet this was the type of person who is to lazy to coupon .Their children probably do without so they can smole.drink and do what sets those really good examples for their children,instead of taking time to show them things to help them and their families when they grow up. and just remember how good you are raising your children (with differnt morals).I am really sorry for your experience. God Bless

  3. Beth says

    I’m sorry, but I would have to throw her under the bus… if you weren’t doing anything wrong – then I would call her out on here and the store. This is one of the reasons I’ve slowed down on stockpiling (I also went back to work) well that and my kids are getting a little older, but I was really bad at one point with stockpiling formula, diapers, baby wipes,baby shampoos, lotions, and other baby items, etc. – but I never had to pay for them! I hated the way some cashiers would act like your stealing, and others encouraged it. I never did anything wrong, lots of times it was just matching store coupons, catalinas, manufacturer coupons, and formula checks to make the items free. I probably saved at least over $100,000 in getting free stuff in the 5 years I was hardcore – now I look for bargains, never buy anything retail, and it’s not as important anymore with me working. But when I do find a good deal with coupons and a cashier is giving me a hard time, I don’t even bother to explain anymore, they don’t want to take an effort to learn how it’s done and help themselves… insteady they critize others when I honestly think they are just jealous with what they are getting free. When I was a stay at home mom and in my early 20’s, it was a huge help to our family and those coupons/stockping was important. Now if I’m given a hard time I just take my coupons and come back and try again another day. But I agree, with those coupons and stockpiling I was able to stay home and without my income, we didn’t miss out on anything (an no we never lived on any kind of assistance).

  4. Ann says

    Hi there,
    I am sorry that you had to experience what you did at your local store. It was very unfortunate that decent, positve-mided couponers, like us and you who want to save for the family and try to go by the rule of not clearing the shelves, are labels as “extreme couponers.”
    The show on TLC really create a negative impact and pictures on us.
    Not all couponers wants to buy 46 detergents or 100 toothbrushes. We all just want to save and have the best quality family lives as we can and coupons allow us to achieve that goal.
    You are so right, the best way to deal with this situation is to ignore that particular cashier and find the manager to discuss about the problem.

    All in all, thank you for your hard work and don’t let the recent incident stop you from what and who you are. It is a hick up and you have done such a wonderful job in helping others save.

    Good luck

  5. Jill says

    I am SO tired of the nasty looks and comments from store employees that I have decided that while I will not go out of my way to be rude, I won’t allow them to be either.

    So, having said that, the other day I encountered a similiar experience with a cashier who thought it was appropriate to tel me how much of a pain it was to ring up people with coupons and how we should be ashamed of ourselves. So, after listening to this for 5 minutes (oh…in front of complete strangers), I politely reminded her that she was NOT paid on the number of customers she checked but per hour. And I reminded her that I had just endured her long conversation with the customer before me (they chatted about their mutual friend), so it was apparent to me that she was NOT paid on a per customer basis. So, until that happened, she needed to deal with my cou pons and ring me out.

    Needless to say…she was not happy , but I don’t care……

  6. Sheri says

    I have had that happen alot. I go to service desk and get a manger to finish my transaction. But then you have to deal with the looks and they can get evil. I ha called corp. and gave names and store numbers. I had a problem at walmart this AM. I got a ALL YOU and had the coupon for 10% off they informed me that they did not take % off coupons. I had the manager over at the check out and told them that they were the only store that put them out and ALL YOU will hear from me about them not taking the coupon.

    • pj says

      That isn’t true. I brought the coupon to Walmart & they redeemed it for a quarter I believe. They sell the magazine for 1.87 so it really should have been less 19 cents but the register took off the 25 cents. I think they make up stuff as they go along.

  7. Marie Wignall says

    I don’t do a ton of couponing, I’m not someone who saves so much I post photos of my receipts on Facebook. Although I was tempted yesterday when I scored 8 boxes of Cheerios for $1.20 each (hey, we go through a lot of Cheerios around here!). But whenever I do score a deal the cashiers have always been really nice, and seem to appreciate that I take my shopping seriously! LOL

  8. jenny heacox says

    I do a lot of couponing @ Target & they are very friendly. I gave them my business because Walmart was not processing my coupons accurately. If a place is going to be unfriendly and inaccurate, I just take my business elsewhere!

  9. Katie says

    I have to say that (in my opinion) a lot of this nastiness stems from a growing sense of entitlement in our nation. Customer service as a whole has gone down all over! What ever happened to the customer is always right and being polite? I remember being 15 working in McDonalds and getting yelled at by customers for something I didn’t do and having to smile politely, apologize, and then fix their complaint. That sort of service seems to have disappeared. It used to be grounds for immediate termination to be rude to a customer. Unfortunately, it is now acceptable for people to openly complain about having to do the job that they chose and then do that job poorly. It’s a sad sad thing. Good luck with your future couponing!

    • Bernadette says

      Well said, Katie. There is no customer service anymore. I would have lost my job if I ever argued or was rude to a customer. Nowadays, all you ever hear is “I going on break”.

  10. gloria hayes says

    It seems to me that,given the pay scale these people work for, they should be ecstatic to have a couponer come through their checkout line so they could LEARN a few tips!!!

  11. Brianschef says

    Hang in there!! This happens all the time all over the country. I have had it happen to me so many times I just smile and remind them that it is part of their job and if they dont like it, well, call a manager and I will make sure they no longer have to concern themselves with me, my coupons or any other customers again. I simply and politely inform them, before they get too far, that I DO NOT tolerate any lack of respectful customer service. This includes the manager(s), and yes I do write down their names and call numbers. I stand by the saying, “I do not suffers fools easily”…ever.

  12. Jen says

    I think for anyone who “coupons”, we can say that we all have had a similar experience. I had one, but unfortunately didn’t stand up to the cashier. I went home crying and then decided to send the corporate office a long email. In return, I got an apology from the corporate office and the store manager, along with a promise to re train their staff. I haven’t had a problem since. The only thing I don’t do anymore is shop with my coupon binder. After working all day and dealing with my kids, I just could not deal with other people’s comments saying I’m like one of those people from the show and I must have a large stockpile. Some people can be so rude and I’ve had enough. My husband and I make a very good salary but the extra money I save goes toward our family’s fun expenses. We add EXTRA money to our retirement fund and the kids college fund and go on vacation every year plus just some good old family day trips. I would never say we’re cheap and won’t deprive my family of anything, but I just learned how to shop and save smarter. Too bad some people are so naive and are quick to judge.

  13. Kathryn says

    Sorry that the world just does not get it. Hold to the truth that God wants us to be good stewards of our blessings….coupons area blessing. You need to face the person that is hurting you and stand in your truth. Stop take a deep breath and tell then in 30 seconds or less
    1. You are hurt and insulted
    2. How you spend YOUR money is None of their business
    3. Without you they would not have a job
    Then right then and there pray for Blessing for them…. that another deep breath – smaile and say lets continue. that will blow their sox off and screw up the devil.
    Lord Bless me abundantly….increase my land and let me do no harm!!!!!!! Amen and Amen

  14. renee madden says

    I have had negative experiences, but more at Dollar General than anywhere to this extreme. I only go to walmart for my freebies (trial sizes, etc I manage to get for free- I stick by the rules (P&G only 4 coupons, etc) and am actually stockpiling (filling a box) to donate to the Blue Star Mothers for Care Packages to be sent to overseas troops, to check their clearance (filling a box of Christmas presents!), and pick up a few groceries if I have to. The very first thing I figured out was even if you have to add a pack of gum do whatever you can to avoid an overage, I’ll pay .07 (this actually happened) any day than have to deal with an overage. Also as soon as I checkout and get my receipt I push my cart forward enough to be out of the way and go over my receipt right there. The last 3 times I have had to go straight to customer service and get money back ($5-$20) I tried to tell the girl a couple times and totally got brushed off so this is how I do it now.
    Now for a good laugh let me tell you about this trip I made. I was by myself and had not been couponing long. I ended up in a line at Walmart and they were packed, and the lady in front of me had no coupons but was taking FOREVER for some reason. I told the girl that got in line behind me I had a lot of coupons and the lady in front of me was really slow so she’d be waiting a bit. She said it’s ok I have coupons too so while this lasy in front of me is still checking out we end up chatting and swapping some coupons to get better deals, her friend and another lady behind us joins in and I swear it is the most fun I ever had in Walmart. Our poor cashier was really good and we had her rolling!!! There are good cashiers out there and God Bless every single one of you for having to put up with us!

  15. Jaime Grimes says

    I’m so sorry. I had to read this as I had a similar incident happen today to me. I wasn’t even using a lot of coupons, I was using WIC. I had 5 checks to redeem, involving formula and baby food. The cashier was not rude but the girl next to him and several customers were. I have 4 children and support them my self as I just left my husband. I pointed out to the one customer who made a comment about those people that I qualified for WIC even when I was with my cheating, abusive husband who serves in the military. I am not on welfare, not that there is anything wrong with it if it was needed. I work very hard to meet my children’s needs. I have paid into the govenment since I was 16. Had another incident with a teenage cashier who didn’t like my stack of coupons. I chalked it up to ignorance. Hopefully you will have better experiences in the future.

  16. Tonya says

    This is the first time I have commented on your site. (I just found the site a week ago). My advise is to keep your chin up & ignore the ignorant. They can’t help it. They don’t know any better. You just need to continue to do what you do & make your life better for your children. In the grand scheme of things, does the opinion of an employee at a store really matter? I think not.

    I LOVE your site & I am now a faithful reader. Please don’t worry about what anyone has to say about what you are doing. I know it can make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, but never show it. I have gotten flack before & I always grin & go along with it. You did the right thing but voicing your opinion & not letting your true feelings come through.

  17. Nicole says

    I really feel bad that you had to go through that horrible incident. That cashier just doesn’t like having to work and took it out on you. I used to work retail and noticed that sum employees were envious that they couldn’t save money like customers. So sweetheart just brush it off and keep saving for a better life for you and your children….I do!!!

  18. says

    I just hate nosey cashiers, shoppers, etc. Once I was asked, “are you one of those people?” I decided to be polite and simply say, “um, no” but what I should have said was, “um, no; are you one of those people? You know, the kind that is nosey and asks questions that are none of your business?” Well, that would not have been kind, but we should put this back in the person’s lap when they try to hand it to us.

  19. Bernadette says

    My first reaction is to tell her where to go. But, my husband has taught me to deal with these type of people with kindness…they hate it. I’m sorry that you had to go through this especially with a cashier. I’ve had a similar experience at Target with a cashier and now if I see her in the store, I will go to another cashier even if I have to wait in long line just to avoid her. I bet this person was jealous. Ignore these naysayers. You’re doin’ a great job.

  20. Sonja says

    I encountered my first “hater” other than older female cashiers the other day at a local grocery store. I was looking for Kraft Singles and saw that they were out, so I decided to get the 2% Singles, also on sale, and saw the blinkie coupons available for Kraft Singles. A guy came up behind me and wanted the regular ones, so I told him that my family couldn’t tell the difference in the taste between the two products. I also pointed out the coupon. A second guy approached with is middle school aged son and after hearing me make that statement, he pushed his son away commenting, “Don’t listen to her, she’s crazy.” Well, to both those men…I walked away with 2 packages of 2% Kraft Singles with a Kroger Mega-Sale price of $1.99 each and two coupons for $0.50 that didn’t specify product type, so I got the product for $1.49 each. I got a great deal and those men lost out. I may have my lime-green coupon binder and you may make fun of me because of that, but I AM saving money that is better used for my son’s preschool tuition and you lost out on a great deal!

  21. Jill McKechnie says

    I agree with just about everyone’s comments, especially Kathryn. Pray a blessing on them, but don’t let them run over you. They are there to serve you! I just found out about your site a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been checking my emails everyday to see what’s new. Shelly and Melissa, you’re both doing a GREAT job!

  22. Charlotte Varner says

    I’m really glad you held you ground!! I probably would have went to jail that day. =) Everyone looks at us as being “different” and you know what I don’t care as long as my family benefits from it! I guess us couponers are labeled and have our own group now or world, but doesn’t it feel so damn good? I’m a couponer/sweeper and PROUD OF IT!! Couponing isn’t easy nowadays and one thing is for sure us couponers have to stick together! I’ve had so many similar experiences as you and held my head high and dealt with these “morons” for my family sake! GO COUPON NEERS!!!

  23. Christine says

    I had a similar experience. I did not clean off the shelves, but I was using manufacture coupons with the grocery coupons. The cashier gave me an attitude and as I watched her, did not not use more than 1/2 the coupons I gave her. I was furious! I asked her why not and she just said, “I dont have to.” OMG. of course, I went to the manager and it was a big to do.

  24. Jan Mullen says

    Wow Christine! Did your cashier really say she didnt have to scan your coupons??? OMG! I am so happy you did report her. Thats just nuts. It is in the job description! I was a cashier at a big grocery chain for 3 yrs many yrs ago. I would have been fired on the spot for talking to a customer like that!! I have had some bad service many times in my life but that one takes the cake. We couponers do need to just keep doing as we do and save our families money and enjoy the cheaper prices. Others that dont are the crazy ones!!!

  25. Joshua B says

    I cannot stand rude cashiers.
    Yesterday at Kroger I had a bitter older cashier. My total came to about $150 and I handed him all of my coupons and he made me dig out every item out the bags to show him that I purchased the items that I had coupons for! I had to no worries, b/c all of my coupons were no the up-and-up. After coupons my total came to $36. My best savings yet.
    At least I now know to avoid this cashier.

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