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Coupon Trading

We have had so many requests for a way to trade coupons that we decided to create this page for our readers who want to trade coupons with each other. Instead of making comments on the blog we have moved the coupon trading to our Blog Frog Community. Please join and begin trading there!

This is going to be something that is on the HONOR system and something we are not going to moderate. So it is up to you to follow through with your trade with each other. It is important when you trade that you mail your coupons quickly so that the person looking for the coupon can receive it quickly.

1) Feel free to trade OR giveaway manufacturer coupons, tear pads, rebates, store coupons, store coupons or restaurant coupons. There will be NO trading of Internet Printable Coupons.

2) If you are simply giving away coupons for free you can request that the receiver sends you a self-addressed, stamped envelope so that you don’t have to pay for the postage.

3) Do not type out your email address as one word when you trade with each other. For example, if your email address is do not type out your email address in full. Instead, type it like couponsarecool (at) fuse (dot) net. By typing it this way you will not get spam from robots that scan websites.

4) Do not type out your mailing address on the blog. Once you have worked out a trade, email the person you are trading with and exchange your mailing address via email. This is for your privacy.

5) To make a trade, offer a giveaway or if you are looking for a coupon, simply make a comment with the quantity and description (include expiration date).

6) To respond to a request respond directly to the original comment. Exchange email addresses and then exchange address through the email.

7) Once a trade or giveaway is taken, please leave a comment under the comment that it is complete.

This is something we are going to try and see how it goes. The most important part is to have FUN and be FAIR.

We are also starting a Coupon Train if you are interested!

You can print more COUPONS and visit our FREE Coupon Database.


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