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New Kroger Coupon Policy (Cincinnati/Dayton Division) – Effective 10/10/11

Kroger has just released a new Coupon Policy for the Cincinnati/Dayton Division. It is effective October 10, 2011.

We reserve the right to limit no more than five (5) paper manufacturer coupons for the same product, each coupon value considered (1) coupon in the same transaction.

NOTE:  This is to help with inventory level for all customers, and to prevent any clearing on the shelves on any one flavor of a product. So, for example- you can still get 10 Gatorades…..but only 5 of one flavor and 5 of another.  

Limit one (1) manufacturer coupon (paper or digital) per item purchased
Expired coupons are not accepted
Couponed item will not be sold to dealers

Note: The store manager has the right to accept, decline or limit the use of any coupon.

Internet Coupon Restrictions/PAH Coupons (Print At Home Coupons)
“Free Item” Internet coupons can be accepted if all purchased criteria is met.
Only one (1) internet coupon per item will be accepted.
Only two (2) internet coupons per manufacturer per customer, per day.
Internet coupons that display characteristics below will not be accepted.

NOTE:  This is a change – Only two (2) internet coupons per manufacturer per customer, per day.

  • Blurry
  • Out of proportion
  • Do not scan properly
  • Appear to be altered in any way

Doubling (if applicable)
Manufacturer’s Coupons $.50 cents and below will automatically be doubled

NOTE:  Stores will double as they always have and that will be in the ad policy on the front page like it is now. So if your store doubles $.51 – $.99 to $1.00 it will continue too.

Doubling does not apply to the following coupons.

  • Free
  • Kroger
  • Catalina
  • Retail Food Store Coupons
  • Electronic Coupons
  • Items prohibited by law


  1. anna kinney says

    Only 2 internet coupons per manufacturer per customer per day. I get that they don’t want people clearing shelves but only 2 per manufacturer? Most manufacturers have a lot of different products so now i have to choose between 2 jars of baby food and 2 cans of puffs? I drive an hour to go to the grocery so i only go once a week. I can’t afford to go every day so now i won’t be able to use very many coupons at all.

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      It is a limit of (2) Internet Printable but (5) insert coupons.

      I would try to take someone with you to maximize?

  2. April says

    I am actually happy about the 5 per day limit. It gets old never finding the sale items because the shelf clearers have been there first.

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      However, if it is a good deal on the Mega it really won’t matter…some items go regardless if there is a coupon that matches up or not.

    • Donna Mollaun says

      I agree, April. Many of the coupons are 40 cents to a dollar off 2 – 4 anyway and that’s 10 – 20 products if you multiply that by 5 coupons. It’s still 5 items for the coupons that are good for 1 item.

  3. Deborah says

    I have to wonder if this is more of a fraud deterrent than anything. Most of the manufacturer’s limit 2 prints of each coupon, so I wonder if they will interpret it that way as well.

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      I wonder that too – however if you have access to more than 1 IP address you can print based on that.

  4. Dawn says

    I do not understand this. Is it 5 like coupons per transaction or 5 total manufactorer coupons per transaction? Same question with internet coupons.

  5. Elaine says

    So if they only allow us to take 5 of one flavor of something does it count if we’re not using coupons….for example, can I go in and buy 10 orange gatorades and use no coupons? If not, that seems kind of crazy to me…that they limit so severely what a person is/is not allowed to buy…I haven’t run into problems at my Kroger finding things and if I want a large quantity of something I just order it…

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      I agree with you Elaine – it is only if you are matching with coupons. Doesn’t exactly seem fair to me. So you can buy 10 orange gatorades using no coupons with no problem. OR you can buy (5) orange and (5) blue with coupons.

  6. anna kinney says

    most manufacturers do limit 2 prints per coupon but alot of times they also have more than one coupon for more than one kind of item. what if i want to buy more than one kind of item from that same manufacturer?

  7. littlepurple says

    That was the same question I had over at the forum. So if I have coupons for Pillsbury cake mix, cookie dough, grand biscuits and frosting…I can only chose 2 to use coupons with? This is NOT good at all. I can see a LOT of people getting pretty upset about this one.

    I like the 5 limit (wish it was 10 though).

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      No, you can use (5) of each like item. So – (5) cake mix, (5) cookie dough, (5) grand biscuits and (5) frosting. To take it further you can do different varieties of each.

      So, brownie with nuts, brownie with syrup, chocolate frosting, vanilla frosting.

      Hope that helps.

  8. shawna says

    Melissa, can u clarify the IP policy change for me please. Is it actually 2 per manufacturer or is it 2 like coupons? Everyone seems to be interpreting it differently.

  9. Julie says

    So it’s 5 like coupons per transaction not per day? So if you split into different tranactions then it’s not an issue right?

    • Elaine says

      I was told by my regular cashier at Beckett Ridge Kroger that she doesna’t know if they are going to allow multiple transactions in order to use all of your q’s…

      • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

        According to the wording (at this time) it reads transaction so there is nothing to prevent you from doing multiple at this time.

  10. Debbie Pearson says

    @Shawna-IP coupons you can only use 2 per manufactorer per day, this is so ridiculous!! And be sure to watch, I had a problem yesterday with my IP coupons not doubling (it did not say “do not double” either). The cashier was just going to ignore it but I made her call a manager over. It was only a dollar but if I was short a dollar she would have taken something out of my bag!! This is when I learned of the new policy. The manager just gave me a dollar because he didn’t know why they didn’t double.

    Also, I notice this new policy doesn’t address overage. So wondering if they are still not allowing overage or if it will let you have it. Guess you could argue this since it isn’t listed.

  11. kristie lawhorn says

    Melissa. This 5 MC per item, per transaction, correct. This isnt a loyalty card thing, like cvs where they will track if you already been there that week and used 5MC for that item?
    I live pretty close to Kroger, so I could make multiple trips, if they are not tracking your card.

      • Jax (@JaxSindriver1) says

        I shop at Ralph’s which is a West Coast affiliate of Kroger, I found out very quickly that it is like a CVS club card and they are tracking because when I tried to roll over my Catalinas for the “Cart Buster” deal this store downloaded a limit of 2 per household, after speaking with the manager I mentioned to return my items and my catalinas since his store was the only one doing this he handed me my 4 5.00 catalinas that I was suppose to receive that he programed the machine to stop. BTW there is no limit stated on the price tag or printed in store ad. But I complied and left it at that. THEY ARE TRACKING! If they download the program :(

    • Nicolette says

      Western Tennessee is completely different division. These changes are made regionally not corporately. So each division has the ability to change their coupon policies for their region.

      • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

        Correct – at this time it is being decided regionally (like for example in TX where they get NO doubles.

  12. Mary says

    I am in Northern Kentucky, but I am at the southern end. It would be just as close to drive to Florence or Walton as it would be to drive to Carrollton. I know that Carrollton KY has a different ad than Northern KY/Cinci – do you know what their policy is?

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      You should call to see what their policy is Mary – if it is still unlimited then it would be worth your drive.

  13. Sam says

    I am curious about the same thing. Does anyone know about the Georgetown, KY Kroger? I am assuming it is in the Lexington region? Not sure, but they do have different ads. I am wondering what their coupon policies are…

  14. Barb says

    Perhaps Kroger wants their sales to drop! Also many Kroger stores across the country have stopped the double coupons guess that could be next.

  15. kristie lawhorn says

    FYI I went to Kroger yesterday, and it was not bad at all!! I still got everything I needed I just had to buy in different groups of 5…For example Totino’s pizza rolls are 1.00 a box this week, I had 20 of the .35/1, I had to buy 4 flavors, and 5 boxes each. Did the same thing with the general Mills cereal bars, and Betty Crocker fruit snacks. I dont see it being a problem, unless it is something like Ivory body wash, which only has one kind.

  16. Jill McKechnie says

    Our Kroger stopped doubling and tripling coupons several months ago. I think they’ve been trying to make up for it by the “buy 10 items of___ and get $5 off.

      • Alma says

        I am in TX , and that is what happen in here, they are getting really picky with coupons in here, also I went on tuesday to get the candy sale and they did not had it here either, any suggestions on stores that have good deals on coupons, I am in the Houston area.

  17. Amy Kay says

    I typically only buy 1 or 2 newspapers per week to clip, so I rely pretty heavily on IP coupons. I’ve been upset and still rather unclear/confused on their new IP policy–do they mean per ‘manufacturer’ or per ‘brand’?? There seems to be alot of contradicting interpretations floating around out there…

    So I ventured out to Kroger tonite to give the new policy a whirl. Cart about 1/2 full with Fiber One bars, Chex Mix bars, a few bags of Chex Mix, Several General Mills cereals that I had IPs for .50 off a specific type (i.e. Lucky Charms, Cinn Toast Crunch, etc.) Progresso soups, Pillsbury refrigerated rolls, and fruit rollups. Made sure not to get more than 5 of any particular variety.

    Swung by the customer service desk to get her clarification on the new IP policy in regards to General Mills since they are technically the “manufacturer” of pretty much everything on sale for the Mega Sale, and hence, pretty much everything in my cart. She said that the Pillsbury rolls & Progresso soups were considered their own ‘brands’ & I could use the 2 IPs for each of those. But the Fiber One bars, Chex Mix bars, Chex mix bags, and cereals all were considered “General Mills” because the had the “big g” logo on them. So I could only use 2 IPs for ***ALL*** those products. You got to be kidding me?!?!?!? I even showed her how unfair this was to the “average” customer by showing her my cart of items that was obviously nothing near “shelf-clearing” or “extreme couponing” and pointing out that she was telling me I could only use 6 IPs for that entire cart! She still stuck to her guns that that was their new policy. So I put back all the cereals, the chex mix, 1/2 the cereal bars, & the fruit treats as a result b/c I couldn’t use my IPs on them. (OK… I confess, I actually left them there in a stack across from the service desk where she could see me to make a point b/c I was mad–I was feeling passive/agressive & didn’t want to cause a scene with my kids in tow! LOL)

    This rule seems like it’s going to hurt the most in the cereal/granola bar aisle (General Mills) and the cleaning/paper products/beauty products aisles (P&G). This is soooooo unfair. Why are the masses being punished for the sins of the few?? (the few which Kroger **encouraged** by participating in the show, might I add…)

    Kroger used to be my 1st choice store for groceries b/c of the super doubles & fuel rewards. I’d just get the “deals” w/ coupon matchups at the other stores if I happened to have time to stop in. Now the fuel rewards seem pointless when I’ll be wasting extra gallons of gas on multiple trips to Kroger b/c I can only use 2 IPs at a time. They say they are trying to combat “extreme couponers”, but I think they are being “extreme” in their new IP rules.

    I will only be going there for specific deals from now on–Meijer is my new 1st choice (even though I still find it annoying to split up transactions if I want more that 2 like coupons to double–at least it’s still only one car trip!) Hopefully other couponers will do the same, and Kroger will experience a significant dent in their sales figures (especially Mega Events from General Mills) that will persuade them to loosen up and stop being so “extreme” (pun intended!).

  18. anna kinney says

    I went to Kroger yesterday and they only let me use 2 printable coupons for my entire order. They said it didn’t matter that i had them from different manufacturers. I only had about ten coupons to begin with. I don’t extreme coupon and i usually only save about $20-$30 each trip on a cart full. I’m going to try walmart for a while and hope Kroger changes their policy back soon.

  19. Linda says

    I was also at Kroger yesterday. I could only use two printables total on all my stuff. I had 2 hormel and 2 pilsbury coupons that I printed and they only let me use 2. I had to chose between hormel or pillsbury or one of each! That is a bit extreme. I understand only two of each product on printables since most sites only allow two but only two from all the coupons out there! It makes me want to stop printing coupons. I guess walmart is my store of choice now.

  20. Heather says

    I was at the Walton Kroger tonight. I had a coupon for .75cents off. It didn’t double upto a $1. When I asked why it didn’t she said because of the new coupon policy. But I read if the store always doubles coupons .51 – .99 to $ 1 why didn’t they double my .75 cent cpn to $1? Thanks

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      Which store was it? As long as the coupon didn’t say “Do Not Double” it should have doubled.

  21. Sonja says

    The Kroger I frequent in Russell, KY has posted the same policy, but limit it to the same visit (handwritten at the bottom of the typed policy). This won’t really impact me as I don’t usually purchase more than 2 of any item with Internet printable coupons. For those of us trying to follow the policy and not clearing the shelves, the new policy is annoying, as is the scrutiny each and every coupon is getting from some cashiers. I thought the last one was going to go bonkers when all of my coupons turned out to be “legal” and used according to policy. If only she’d paid attention to the items she’d rang up, I’d have gotten out of the store much more quickly. I had to find the items in the bags to prove to her that I actually purchased them!

  22. joanne williams says

    I don’t understand why Kroger has stopped doubling and tripling coupons in Texas! I am so bummed out by this I very rarly go to their store now!!!

  23. says

    Wow, I’m glad I only live 5 minutes from my Kroger. The 2 Internet coupon limit is really restrictive. Hopefully the Union, KY Kroger will limit it per manufacturer and not per visit!

  24. Shelley says

    Hello, last week I was at Kroger on Glenway in Cincinnati, and they would not honor a “when you buy two items” coupon for tomatoes even thought the fine print read “one coupon per purchase.” From reading through this thread, two coupons should have still been honored for my two items, right? or wrong? Thanks for your help!

    • Kate says

      If the coupon says “when you buy two items” then you would have to buy four items total in order to use two of those coupons. This has always been the case at all retailers and is not a change because of the new Kroger policy.

  25. Anna says

    Can someone tell me if you can piggyback a Kroger store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon?I used to do that all the time but this week,the cashier was not friendly and would not allow it.I’d bought 2 Welch’s sparkling grape juice because it is my anniversary tomorrow and used store and manufacturer’s coupon for $1.00 off two bottles.The cashier was downright condescending and I ended up returning the items to customer service.
    Also please tell me if a printed coupon says “Available at Walmart” means it must be redeemed at Walmart.I got Mars candy $1.50 off before Halloween and used it at Kroger and the unfriendly cashier told me that it was a Walmart coupon and I finally got her to scan it and it took.She did not want to understand that it does not say “Redeem only at Walmart”.I am so sick of trying to justify my couponing-especially when I do not do Extreme Couponing!!

    • chit says

      Yesterday at my kroger in Ohio, the manager refused to accept two of my coupons for nabisco crackers because it “redeemable at walmart”. I tried to tell him it was just an advertisement from Walmart and it was a valid Manufacturer coupon. He would not even try to scan it ! I have sent e mails to Kroger corp. and corp. I also called kroger corp. in the store itself and was told that the store manager had the prerogative to refuse to accept any coupon, no matter what !! New policy !!!!

  26. ronniy says

    I was wondering do kroger’s double all your coupons ? for example say i had a coupon for .50 off of course they double the .50 to a 1.00 but what if i had all 5 like items will they double all .50 cent off coupon to a 1.00 ?

  27. says

    I’m in Kansas but wanted to chime in. I won 10 free coupons for Dole Crisp in a blog giveaway.
    I picked up 10 off the shelf at our large store and the other stores didn’t even carry it.
    I was shocked when at the register I was told I could only use 5 of the coupons. So I said, “so I can do another transaction for the other 5?” I was told no, they do not allow more than one transaction, but reading above it sounds like they do.
    The cashier told me to just take them to the self check outs and he wouldn’t say anything.

    And, on the self check outs…..on free coupons you always had to give those to the attendant, but now you have to give ALL coupons to the attendant. I assume this is so that you aren’t sliding by “family friendly” coupons and getting products that the coupon is not intended for. The attendant looked in my bags and compared everything I bought to the coupons before ringing in the coupons!

  28. KJ says

    My concern wtih the limit of 5 coupons is that some of my coupons are save $1.00 on TWO…this really limits how I can maximize my coupons : / If the limit had been 10 , an even number, this would not be a problem. I almost wonder if they did 5 on purpose, knowing there are many “$ off on TWO” coupons?

    My Kroger, in Christiansburg , Va. has made me feel like an outright criminal for using coupons. The store manager actually stopped me in an aisle one day, after I’d mentioned what a great deal my .50 coupon was on Colgate, at .88. The little aisle stocker RAN to him, as if there had been a big meeting on couponers who are doing well. I’d preordered WISK this summer, so as not to clear the shelves and he almost didn’t let me have it. Told me he could now decide to limit my purchases.
    I asked if that would be discriminatory, since others could easily get what they wanted, as he would not always be aware? I also explained I was trying to be considerate of other shoppers by preordering and not clearing shelves. In my Kroger, that doesn’t matter, I’m public enemy number one.
    Conclusion…I’ve learned to keep a low profile now (hiding, as if I’ve done something wrong), to never preorder anything and most of the time, if it’s not a .50 Q that doubles, I go toWalmart and let them price match it. It’s horrible to be made to feel this way in a store I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of dollars in for the past 30 years : /

    • says

      You would still use 5 of the so much off 2 coupons, so I’m not sure what you are referring too.

      I love watching the Extreme couponing show but it’s sure ruined it on coupons.

      I notice now that coupons are only worth half of what they used to be worth or worse, making it nearly impossible to get things free or next to nothing anyway.

      I have my list made out for the Mega event. I am buying a few things we need like the Miracle Whip without a coupon—I’m always sad when that happens!

  29. Tiffany says

    I just have a quick question on the limit of 5 coupons per transaction. Does that mean they will double all 5? I live in the Dayton area and they double here, but I thought they only double 2 like coupons? Thanks so much!

  30. Donna Mollaun says

    This is far too confusing: What’s a brand name vs. manufacturer.

    I agree that 5 same products should be the daily limit because it’s frustrating to find 0 during a good coupon/sale matchup.

    I use the store in Forest Park, OH. They’re always friendly & accommodating, and I don’t go overboard – about 2 of the same products per trip. I’ll have to call first before I venture out, but it’s so hard to get the CS desk on the phone.

  31. Joy says

    Does Kroger not allow “stacking” a manufacturer coupon with a Kroger store coupon anymore? Today at the Walton, KY store the cashier would not allow it. I pointed out to her that it was 2 different kinds of coupon…a Kroger store one and manufacturer but she would have none of it. She said her register would not allow the coupons so I couldn’t use them :(

  32. Angie says

    Major Fail at Kroger today 2/20/12. Kroger does not allow their in store coupons that you load on your kroger plus card with a manufactures coupon. This really is bad because, 1. they don’t double their own coupons 2. You can’t use your manufactures coupons which are doubles and you can use more than one. So basically, It would be better not ever to use your kroger plus card for in store coupons if you want to use any type of manufactures coupons. Ugggghhhh.

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