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Stockpiling Saturday – Donating from your stockpile

Today for Stockpiling Saturday we are discussing Donating from your stockpile.  There are many times when I have come close to hitting expiration dates! I go through my stockpile on the 15th of each month and decide what I should donate and what I should keep! At every class, someone will ask the question “What do you do with all that stuff and how can you possibly use it?” The answer is quite simple, if I can’t someone else will. I love to help people anyway and this is a great way! It does not cost me much and I can get a tax write off!

I also choose too donate when things are FREE!  For example, I may buy dog food and treats when they are FREE and donate them to the animal shelter.

We are coming up on the holidays and this is a great time to give back!  BUT don’t forget to give back all year long!

Who can you give it to? You can go to Feeding America and find a Food Bank by you! There also may be a cause close to your heart that can also benefit! Look for an organization in your area! Lets all aid in Feeding America!

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