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Stockpiling Saturday – “Is Extreme Couponing real?”

Stockpiling Saturday – “Is Extreme Couponing real?”  The question I get all the time is “Shelley, is the show, Extreme Couponing real?” It never fails that this question will be asked in every class, every public speaking event, every community service event, or in the grocery store! My answer: It is very extreme and not realistic! Many people then follow up with “why?” Here is what I think!

First of all who in the world eats 200 bottles of hot sauce! It would evaporate before I used it! If you are a person who lives on condiments alone then you may always eat FREE! Otherwise, you will pay something! My other point about 200 bottles of hot sauce is who wants to have 200 bottles donated to them?

The other thing they do not show you is how they make use of Catalinas, store rewards, and store promotional incentives (gift cards when you buy things!) That is a HUGE key! We teach all of this in our classes! If you are interested in classes take a look at our Coupon Classes! There is tons and tons of information on our site. Start out by reading Stockpiling 101!

We make a point to tell people we do not participate in shelf clearing, we think it is wrong! We do not promote any type of unnecessary stockpiling! We only stockpile for our families and what we think we can use! We also stockpile items for donations but do so responsibly. I personally look at Stockpiling like I do life. I try to do it fair and honest!

Stockpiling 101 Series:

What is a stockpile?

How do you build a stockpile?

How to use the freezer to stockpile

Monthly Menu Planning

Collecting your coupons

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  1. Amy Osborn says

    I dont like to clear shelves either… I will take your coupon classes, though-I am sure they will help!

  2. Amanda says

    Thank you for sharing this. My family is struggling (like most families) so I started couponing after I saw the Extreme Couponers show and when I started I kept thinking to myself, how the heck do they get free… everything??? I was kicking myself because I wanted to be like the shoppers on that show! Now I realize that even if I save 20 dollars or 80 dollars, that’s 20-80 dollars more in my pocket thanks to coupons! Plus, since I’m unemployed at the moment, clipping coupons gives me something to do, and makes me feel like I’m contributing to my family!

  3. Shayla says

    So how does this work? I went to Kroger and they did not double my coupons. They would only double the coupons that were under .50 cents. I thought they doubled any coupon under $1.00. Also how do people get items for free like toliet paper? When they only print coupons for under a $1 off?

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