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Have you heard of Zaycon Foods? I am going to tell you that I honestly I had never heard of them myself until they emailed us. Zaycon actually dropped off a 40 lb box of chicken for Shelley and I to review. I was not sure of it but decided to give it a try. I have to say that I am thrilled with the quality of the chicken! It is 100% natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients.

Not only was the quality great, the price is too! At $1.49 a lb it is a price that I just can’t beat at the grocery store. After they dropped off our chicken I removed any fat, flash froze it and then used my foodsaver on it. I have been using it since July 8, 2011 when they dropped it off and each piece has been as good as the next.

Zaycon is having a Savings Event around the US and I highly suggest that you sign up for a FREE account and then see if there is an event in your area. If there is not one scheduled right now they will email you when there is one scheduled.

Zaycon uses the buying power of many families together, enabling them to negotiate huge savings on food purchases for your family. They bring products direct from the farm / processor (or as nearly as direct as possible). The products are as fresh as if you had your own farm, but without all the chores.  They sell food by the case only to pass on the discounts to you!  You could always share a case like we did.  There was 44 breasts total in our case and they were HUGE!  Don’t forget to sign up for a FREE account.

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  1. Kristina says

    Have bought products several times now. Chicken twice and just missed out on some top sirloin that had missed a cruise ship. The process is very easy. They have pick ups in my town at several locations. The process of following the signs and drive up, give them your name and they load the product into your vehicle.
    The chicken has been excellent. Even in my smallish double door refrigerator I can easily fit 40 pounds (less once trimed and put into serving size bags)onto one shelf in my freezer.

  2. Gayle Martinez says

    I have been VERY happy with their products. I bought 80 pounds of chicken and canned most of it and put the rest in the freezer. You can’t beat the price, especially for no preservatives and such added to the meat.

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