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Does Big Lot’s Take Coupons? :: Big Lot’s Buzz Club!

I have always been a Big Lot’s shopper.  I began Big Lot’s shopping year’s ago.  I would go every time we would drive to Richmond, KY with my Granny.  She loved the bargains at Big Lot’s and as I reflect on my frugal way of living I think often of my Granny and how she taught me how to bargain shop.  I did not grow up with a Big Lot’s in my town so when we drove to Richmond we would often stop there to see what deal’s they had.  I am still a Big Lot’s shopper today too.

I am always asked if Big Lot’s accepts coupons and the answer is NO. However Big Lot’s a  BIG LOTS® BUZZ CLUB™ REWARDS PROGRAM.  The Buzz Club™ Rewards is a program that allows you to earn discounts good for 20% off a future purchase.

Just have the cashier scan your Buzz Club™ Rewards card every time you shop. Make 10 Qualifying Purchases of $20 or more within a 12-month period and earn a 20% discount on a future purchase. Discounts are good for 60 days from the date you earn them. For more information and to become a member click Big Lots.

In addition you can sign up for their email list where they often send discount offers and alert you of specials and sales ads.

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  1. Karen says

    Just a side note—I work for Big Lots and people can now sign up for the rewards program without an email….just use their phone number in place of the email……just an FYI

  2. Angel says

    They’re changing their rewards program at the end of the month “to make every purchase count.”
    Better for people like me who usually stop in and get under $10 worth of stuff, but I don’t exactly know the new program.

  3. M. Gobel says

    As for the Buzz Club… Be aware. Lots of promises for coupons in your email box. However, the reality is that the coupons never get mailed, nor do they show up on your card. This was the only reason I cancelled my Buzz Club. I am also hearing that I am not alone. Previously, I was getting lots of 20% off discounts. Since the”email coupon” policy was put into place, I never got a single discount, but was told that I did qualify, with every purchase. Even the Columbus (Headquarters) representatives chose not to send the coupons.

    Make sure you watch what you are getting into with this.

    Since Big Lots no longer had the lowest prices, except on “close to date” products, (even holiday stuff is cheaper than 50% off elsewhere, for clearance), I do not like shopping there. I simply get the closeouts and “near dates”, pay and leave.

    Big Lots is no longer a closeout store. They are moving into the lower tier of a clothes-less department store. Such items found are the Cheaply made off-brand “DJ Headphones” (Which I know personally are nowhere near them, as I use them daily), off-brand Watches, that barely keep time, No-name tool sets… or even off-brand, off brand colognes and soaps (men and women’s), Overpriced low-brand kitchen products, and more. It is appearing thatthey do not want you to think about using a coupon, since most products carried are “no-name” or “off-Brands.”

    If they DID take manufacturers’ coupons, that would drum up allot more business. Same would hold true on having more “real/main-stream name brands”, unlike the Aldi [or off brands] they have. Such brands are “Carmen olive oil” and “Fresh Finds food products.”

    Sorry, since 2013, Big Lots no longer impressed me for being a value leader.

  4. Chris says

    I am a couponer and I shop every where sad that Big lots doesn’t take coupons cause the Dollar tree does, best deals are everywhere but Big lots

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