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November is National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month. As most of you know adoption is near and dear to Shelley and my heart. In fact Shelley and I met through our International Adoption process. Please take a moment to read about our Adoption story if you are interested.

We wanted to take a moment to celebrate with all of our readers who have been touched by adoption in any way. Read for more information on National Adoption Month.

Happy National Adoption Month!  Please feel free to leave your comments about how you have been touched by adoption.



  1. says

    We have 3 bio kids and 1 beautiful daughter from China!! Adoption changes you in ways you would never think. Now when I see people suffering I feel more connected to them. That could be my child or my child’s birth parents. Because I have a child that does not share my genetics, I feel more of a connection to all people, not just those related to me biologically.

  2. Tasha R says

    The topic of adoption has lingered in my heart for a long time. My husband and I were recently considering adoption after numerous attempts to have a child of our own (the old-fashioned way). Having heard a the horror stories from friends who had attempted to adopted within the US, I decided to look into adopting a child from the orpahange where my grandmother had spent a number of her early years. {After my great-grandfather passed away, my great-grandmother was unable to make ends meet. So, she placed them in an orphanage until she could secure a job.} While in the process of gathering info, I found out I was pregnant. I’ve always heard as soon as you adopt, you become pregnant. But, I never believed it. At this point, we have not totally ruled out adoption. We definitely plan to revisit it after we wrap our mind around this miracle.

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