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Stockpiling Saturday – Don’t forget Price Matching and Holiday Hints

Today for Stockpiling Saturday – Don’t forget Price Matching and Holiday Hints. One of the most important things to think about is price matching! This Holiday season remember to carry the sale ads with you. There are many times when you may find something cheaper somewhere else. I have been carrying sale ads in a separate binder and throwing them away weekly. Really start looking at store perks and incentives. Always take advantage of all store programs to figure out the lowest price.

For Instance: Meijer has a program called MPerks. They randomly send out $5.00 and $2.00 Digital coupons off any $5.00 or $2.00 purchase. These can be combined with paper coupons, as well as, other Mperks digital coupons. It nets FREE and Frugal prices for gifts you have to purchase this holiday season.

Other incentives that I have seen are gift cards, or money off coupons for percentages spent, and other incentives.

****Holiday hint: If you are going to spend $200 at Toys R Us this year, why not buy yourself a gift card at Kroger and get your gas rewards. Your spending the money anyway! Get yourself a Toys R Us Rewards card and earn money back on what you spend. Its a win win situation! LOOK for extra rewards on gift cards for the Holiday Season at Kroger!

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  1. anna kinney says

    Thanks! I didn’t know about the MPerks. I will check it out. I love when Kroger does the 2x or 4x gas rewards on the gift cards for stores i have to shop at anyway.

  2. Heidi says

    I price matched a bunch of food items on Friday at Walmart from the Publix ad. I’m so glad Walmart will match the BOGO ads and then takes coupons on top of that! I stocked up on cake mixes & chocolate chips for some Christmas baking.

  3. Krystal says

    I have a question about price matching. I don’t have really any grocery stores like Kroger, Tom Thumb, etc. All I have is H.E.B && Walmart. Could I still take an ad from a store somewhere else & price match?

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