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Stockpiling Saturday – Freezing Tips

Today for Stockpiling Saturday I am sharing Freezing Tips.  Did you know that freezing asparagus can be so easy and taste wonderful? Blanch, Cool, and Store it covered with water in freezer containers in the freezer. It taste like it was just hand picked when you thaw it out! (Blanch – Quickly Steamed or boiled before entering a cold bath.)

Freezing broccoli? Wash it, Blanch it, and freeze in freezer bags.

Extra Carrots? Just shred them. Shred and freeze in 1-cup portions. This makes it easier to pull out for recipes that call for shredded carrots.

I like to freeze Orange juice. You can freeze orange juice in the carton. For the best taste, completely thaw and shake! I do most of the thawing in my kitchen sink.

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