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Stockpiling Saturday – Stockpiling 101 and Building Your Stockpile

Stockpiling Saturday – Stockpiling 101 and Building Your Stockpile.  Many of our new readers have lots of questions on how to get started! I wanted to go over the Building your stockpile and refer you to the rest of the series. You will learn so much from this series!

You are going to change your way of thinking when shopping. Instead of making a list for what you need weekly you are going to start shopping for what you use in a 3 month period of time or longer depending on the shelf life of the items on your list. Some items won’t expire for a year or more so you can stockpile those items for a longer time. You are going to begin by purchasing and stockpiling items when they are on sale or hit “rock bottom”. Building your stockpile will take a lot of hard work and dedication. If you feel overwhelmed that is normal, just keep going because the outcome is going to be worth it. After you have built your stockpile you are going to start saving hundreds of dollars a month, each and every month!

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  1. says

    I have recently started stockpiling and I must admit: I’m hooked! Thank you for your help in teaching me how to start the process and be successful in saving my family money!

  2. Robin says

    I live in the western new York area. Most of our coupons in this area only offer $1 off of 3-4… Are there better coupons in other areas? It just doesn’t seem to help only having a quarter off of a product! Or if anyone has any advice I’d appreciate it! Thank you!!!

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