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Turkey Hat Thanksgiving Craft

Turkey Hat Thanksgiving Craft

Happy Thanksgiving from my little “Turkey. Peyton came home with this cute Turkey Hat Thanksgiving Craft from school and I just had to share it with you! Not only is he so cute wearing it he was so proud of it!

So simple to make out of a 1/2 of a paper plate, construction paper and tempra paint.

Measure a strip about 3 inches to use as a headband.  Then add a circle for the turkey head and cut out a beak and gobbler.  Finally add squiggly eyes.  Add 1/2 paper plate and paint the feathers.  Finally add 2 orange legs and accordion fold.

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  1. Gene Ballard says

    Thank you for sharing these crafts. I teach the pre-kindergarten Sunday School Class and I am ALWAYS looking for easy crafts for these children. This will be a BIG hit next year. Hope you have had a blessed Thanksgiving Day!

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