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Turkey Pinecone Thanksgiving Craft

Turkey Pinecone Thanksgiving Craft

Turkey Pinecone Thanksgiving Craft  is a really cute craft idea for Thanksgiving and so easy to make! Head out into your yard (or a park is a great place) and collect pinecones. Place them on some newspaper and allow  them to fully dry.  Spray with a clear coat (shellac) if desired.

Use orange and brown pipe cleaners for the head, beak and feet.  Cut out feathers from colorful construction paper and attach with glue.

You could even turn this into a place card by writing the names of your family members on the feathers or have the child write what they are thankful for on the feathers!

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  1. T says

    This can be done with a large pompom glued on for the face, google eyes glued on and use a pipe cleaner rounded and glued to a thick popsicle stick so it will stand up and then hot glue feathers on it. So cute.

    • T says

      Sorry, another way to make this is to do it the way I mentioned. The pipe cleaners are for the legs.
      Hope this makes sense.

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