Walmart Halloween Clearance Success

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I did really well at the 75% off Halloween sale at Walmart! This is a great example of that you should Stockpile for the Holiday’s after the current holiday! I was able to pick up glow necklaces and bracelets that we will us at upcoming events and parties as well as candy for my son’s Christmas party (marvel suckers with no Halloween label) as well as sprinkles for Thanksgiving cupcakes! I spent a total of $9.51 out of pocket including tax!

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  1. My Wal-Mart had all halloween for .10 cents a piece! I got glow necklaces, hard candy, costumes, etc.! 240 items to be exact! Crazy!!!!

  2. Pete Borini says:

    You’re right–Walmart had packs of three glo-sticks for a dime, and three glo-bracelets for a nickel. I loaded up.

    If the power ever goes out, I can keep my house lit for a week.

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