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What can I do with my leftover Halloween candy?

What can I do with the leftover Halloween candy (besides eat it while the kids are at school) :-) So, if you are like me then you are SWIMMING in leftover Halloween candy.  I need to get it OUT of the house and fast!

Here are several ideas:

1.  Donate it!  Consider sending it to your children’s school for their reward box or even to a food shelter.

2.  Send it to work.  I like to bag it up and send it with my husband to work so he can share it with his colleagues (and I don’t have the temptation to eat it).

3.  Freeze it.  Consider freezing it and using it in the future (if it is the type that can be frozen successfully).

4.  Turn it into a recipe!   One of my favorites is Chocolate Croissants.  I like to use a Hershey bar or a snickers but I bet you could supplement with a variety of other candy bars too.  Another recipe is Butterfinger Cookies or Candy Bar Pie.

5.  Create something with it:  Another idea is the Candy Bar “Cake” –  Imagine how creative you could get too with all the mini’s! or Save your candy for making a Frugal Gingerbread House

Do you have any ideas or tips for what to do with your candy?




  1. says

    Our school collected for Treats for Troops this week. The Yellow Ribbon Center in Blue Ash run by the Maupin’s is collecting to send to the troops overseas. We collected 668 lbs!

  2. Andrea Woods says

    My grandmother likes to make “cookies on a stick” with fun size snickers, milky way, 3 muskateer, etc. I’m not sure of the exact recipe, but she wraps cookie dough around the mini candy bars and inserts a popsicle stick and bakes. Turns into a fun little treat :)

  3. says

    We have a local dentist that visits the elementary schools every year. He gives away prizes to the classroom that can bring back the most lbs. of candy, so I was more than happy to get rid of 3/4 of our pile, I would sit here and eat it too! (Of course I did save a few of my favorite pieces, shhh)

  4. Rhonda says

    Hard candy can also be sent overseas. My friend said the first time they took Smarties to Africa the kids started to eat the wrappers. They had never had candy & didn’t know not to eat the wrapper! We sent candy canes after Christmas also. Contact Megan at if you are interested in donating.

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