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Are you short on cash this Christmas?

Are you short on cash this Christmas? I love to gift give from my stockpile. These are two examples of how you can gift give from your stockpile in style. The first gift is a spa gift bag filled with bath lotions, bubbles, a towel wrap, slippers high end face creams and so much more! The grand total out of pocket expense for the gift was $7.00! The value of the gift is well over $150!!! It is easy to collect items throughout the year at Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreen’s. In addition to other sources such as BzzAgent and more!

The second gift is a Thirty One Thermal Tote filled with snacks. This bag I called “Snack Attack” and it had chex mix, vitamin water, gummies and more! The out of pocket expense for this bag was less than $1.00! I got the Thirty One Thermal tote FREE from hosting a party and I pulled everything out of my stockpile for the gift. The only expense was the gift wrap!

By utilizing your stockpile you are able to think outside of the box when it comes to gift giving. I am able to give really useful gifts that my friends and family really enjoy getting and it is easy on my budget because I am shopping from my stockpile instead of at the store!

Read my Stockpiling For the Holiday’s post for more information. What types of ideas do you have for gift giving from your stockpile?

Other ideas include:

Homemade cookies, candy or chex mix

How to make a fleece scarf

How to make a beaded bracelet



  1. Rae G says

    Awesome ideas! I’ve been couponing for about 5 mos and already have a stock pile of things that would make great gifts too! Thanks for the new way to use these items!

  2. michelle says

    I go thru my stock pile including my toy stockpile and give out to those in need who otherwise might not have a gift under there tree. We also fill stockings with little items and such and hand them out to the homeless on the corners of our different streets in our town.

  3. Maria says

    That is exactly what I did this year, but I just took the big boxes that are already decorated, that I buy at the after Christmas for 90% off and filled them up with everything from cleaning to beauty to snacks! I think they’re going to be great gifts!

  4. Laurette says

    I made 4 travel items gift boxes to give as gifts to family members that travel. I used travel sized items & packed them all together. These where all things I picked up for free or next to free over the past 5 months. The best was the free travel size Tide’s that where a money maker ($2.00 off any 1 Tide product – Tide Travel size was 97 cents)! Shout wipes in a travel pack that cost me 4 cents each after coupon & clearance price. Free Listerine mouth wash(after coupon) Free travel size aqua Fresh toothpaste (after coupon). Free hand cream – and noone that I give it to will know the cost. I look like a big spender.

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