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How to extend the life of your Christmas Tree

Do you have a real tree this year for Christmas? If so, here is a little trick to help extend the life of your tree. Fill the tree stand with warm water and 4 tablets of aspirin. The salicylic acid from the aspirin helps ward off any plant diseases. (Great trick to preserve flowers too!)

Thanks Sabine!

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Do you have any tips or tricks to share? Do you have a “real tree” or artificial?



  1. Sabine says

    Here is another tip for all you real tree owners::
    If you are cutting your own tree( this is something me and my family do every year and it is so much fun) then you should cut about 3 to 4 inches below the branches.

    Also you should shake the tree after you cut it so all the lose pine needles shed outside instead of in your house.

    And of course keep it away from heating ducts

    Make sure that you leave the tree outside for at least 8 hours after you cut it, so that it is not in “shock” when it enters the house-change in temp can ruin the tree

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