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Santa Hand Print Ornament – Christmas Craft

This Santa Hand Print Ornament is one of my favorite crafts that Peyton has ever made. Not only does it include his hand print but also a picture! A double win in my book. It is simple to make and costs very little money. It can be messy but crafts that are messy are fun in my book.


Construction paper
White and Red Tempera Paint
Small photo (school sized is great)
Laminate if possible


Using a paint brush paint the fingers and half of the palm and thumb tip white with tempera paint.  Paint the other half of the palm and thumb red.

Stamp on a piece of construction paper.

After the print dries cut around the hand print.  Punch a hole in the top and add a string.  Glue a small photo on the palm.  Write the date on the back and then laminate or use contact paper.

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