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Stockpile Gift Idea

Stockpile Gift Idea


Gift Giving from your Stockpile is a great way to save money!  Whenever I create a gift idea from my stockpile the recipient is always THRILLED!  Why?  Because I am gifting really useful items!  That always makes the person receiving it happy.  I am happy because I am not spending a lot of money out of my budget!

Last week I wrote about Inexpensive Teacher Gift Ideas and our reader Sabine sent us this picture and that she took my advice about using things from your stockpile for a teacher gift. She wanted wanted to share what her daughter’s 4th grade teacher will be getting this year. It cost her nothing out of pocket because she had everything in her house, including the basket!  What a great gift idea and very useful!  I know the teacher will love it too!

I love this great stockpile gift idea Sabine and I am glad we could help! This is what I was hoping for :-)

Did you gift give from your stockpile this year? If you have a creative idea please send it to us!



  1. Diana palermo says

    One of my favorite teacher gifts I ever recieved is a rock. It is about the size of my hand and flat painted with pretty colors and Metallics. The child painted it and the mother wrote on it….Mrs. P You Rock! LOVE IT!!!

  2. Kimberly Everett says

    Wish I had taken pics..for my husband’s nieces and nephews (all grown and 3 out of 4 married) I put together gift bags…NICE razors for both men and women, shave gel, shower gel, scrubbies for dishes, Lysol automatic hand sanitizer gadget, Aveeno lotion, tissues, gum…I can’t remember the rest…AND a $10 gift card that I got doing the deals at CVS…at least $50 worth of “stuff” for “nothing” out of my stockpile and using gift cards I earned…they LOVED them!!

  3. Kim says

    We are preparing for a cross-country move this summer so this year’s teacher’s gifts had to be something we can use up out of the house. I filled all of my normal holiday goody tins with treats for the teachers. That cleaned out some baking goods and some moving weight. And every teacher has thanked me with raving reviews!

  4. says

    This year for stocking stuffers for my adult children (who live in MN) I used things from my stockpile as well.
    Razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, toothbrush, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, makeup and even hair colors. All things they would use and now didn’t have to spend the money on.
    We are moving in a few months so I was trying to use up some of my stock pile so I didn’t have to pack and move it.

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