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Stockpiling Saturday – What do you want?

Melissa and I have been talking a lot about the new year and what we want to bring to StockpilingMoms. I wanted to open this conversation up to all of my loyal Stockpiling Saturday readers. What types of things do you want to see on Stockpiling Saturday for the New Year? I would like to start researching your ideas and get ready for the New Year!

Check out these links this week:



  1. Kathie VanDeraa says

    Sales cycles – knowing how much to buy at one time.
    I bought too much some months ago and now the stash is expiring!

    Transactions – How to structure them and what to do when they don’t work out.

    Just my ideas, and needs.

  2. jennifer says

    i would like to see some good prices on things to store items in… also would love to see the freebies listed for the next week… id love to see a list on ur site like coupon mom has on hers so we can see the percentage we r saving…

  3. says

    Love the help. Would love to see more on the cycles and how much to buy at a time. Would also love to see the stockpiling class come out east of Cincinnati…. We really need it!

  4. Jennifer gl says

    I’d like to see a question of the week or month that you ask and answer and then we post with our ideas. Like how do you save on kids clothes? What’s your favorite, most inexpensive recipe? How do you keep kids occupied when shopping? The two of you are awesome with your tips. Imagine that times 100?!

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