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Exercise Tip: Create a workout box


exercise tip - create a work out box

How to create a work out box.  I wanted to share with you my idea for creating a work out box. I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to exercising. I will gladly do anything (laundry, pay bills, go to the grocery, clip coupons) besides work out. However there are a few strategies I wanted to share with you for success.

1. Schedule your exercise. If exercise becomes a part of your routine and scheduled you are more likely to do it.
2. Get dressed into your workout gear (including shoes) first thing in the morning. This really holds me accountable because I am less likely to work out if I stay in my PJ’s. I am also more likely to work out if I have my workout clothes and shoes on.
3. Create a work out box and place the box where you are likely to avoid exercising.

I created a work out box and placed it beside my chair in the living room. I have to walk beside it to sit down so I can’t miss it and I see it if I chose to skip working out. It is a huge motivator for me.

I placed inside my box:

  • DVD’s
  • Exercise Journal
  • Calendar (schedule exercise)
  • Hand Weights
  • Stretching Band

I hope this helps on your Weight Loss journey.  Check out these how to posts with more tips on losing Weight.

P.S. I am excited that I was able to re-purpose my Udi’s Box into my Work Out Box :-)  Check out my full review of Udi’s Gluten Free Foods.


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