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5 Tips for keeping your coupons organized

We are often asked how many hours a week do we spend organizing our coupons.  I spend on average 1 hour a week.  Here are a few simple tips to keep your coupons organized.

1.  Use the binder method.  I can honestly say that by switching to the binder method I have saved far more than I would without.  I have all of my clipped coupons with me when I am at the store so I can get in on more deals – both unadvertised and manager’s specials.

2.  On Saturday I order coupons from clipping services.  This is a huge time saver for me!  I purchase quantities of coupons that I hope to stockpile.

3.  On Sunday I clip coupons from the Sunday paper.  I get 2 papers delivered to my house.  I clip on Sunday afternoon and file them on Sunday night – this process takes me no more 45 minutes to 1 hour (and often times less). Check out the Sunday Enquirer Deal.  I sort them and file them that night.

4.  On Tuesday I check the mail and file my coupons that arrived from the Coupon Clipping Service.

5. On Wednesday using the matchups here at Stockpiling Moms – I shop and SAVE big!  Visit our Aldi, Kroger, Meijer, Remke, Walmart, CVS and Walgreen’s Deals for ways to save at the store this week!

I hope these tips help you save big too!




  1. Angela says

    This is the method I been using,but I haven’t had much time this year to keep as organized as I was last year. But I can say it is good.

  2. Donna Mollaun says

    I’m new at this, so I may change my mind later, but I tried the binder method first. It seemed be limited as far as adding categories, and it took longer to organize my coupons in the way I have to do it. It was also harder to find coupons when I found a “surprise” closeout or sale.

    So, I switched to the file system using a photo box from Michaels. Both binder were and are categorized and sub-categorized. The filing system in the box works with my disorganized, ADD mind (grin) better when I’m in the stores — where I find things that were not advertised on sale in the weekly ads. It’s also faster to file what I clipped — for me.

    My box filing system is laid out the way stores are laid out (almost). For the food section (in the front), I have Baked Goods, Baking/Cooking Needs, Beverages, Boxed/Dried Food, Canned/Bottled Food, Dairy, Freezer/Refrigerated, Meat/Fish/Poultry, Produce, Snacks.

    Then I have sections in the back of this filing box for auto, cleaning, garden, electronics, medical, paper/plastic, personal grooming, pets, office, etc…

    The filing dividers are what I printed with tabs & typed headings, using card stock. Main category heading tabs are on one side & color coded — the tabs. Example: Canned. The sub-category tabs are on the other side and not color coded: Example: dairy, desserts, fruit, ketchup, pickled, meat/fish/poultry, mayo, meals, mustard, salad dressing, sauces, soup, spreads, vegetables, other. There’s always an “other” for what doesn’t fit in the sub categories, but as my coupon stash grows, I add more sub category titles.

    I have a cloth bag with handles where the filing system lives. It was cheap. The sides roll down so that the coups are accessible once it sits in the kiddy seat of the cart. I keep small scissors (for Walgreens coups — just in case I missed something), a small calculator, tiny note pad and pen inside of the bag. The writing stuff is for notes on prices or non-advertised sales that I don’t need, because I like to pass that news onto local couponing friends on Facebook. They share what they see, so….

    And, there’s place for expired coupons that go to the military. There’s also a place for coups about to go with me to the checkout lane, so that I don’t have to scramble with customers waiting behind me.

  3. Mary says

    I am struggling with the binder method. I’m not sure if it’s too many catagories or what? It takes hours to organize. Maybe I’ll try the file system.

    • Donna Mollaun says

      A narrow box that fits into the kid seat on the cart is best. Another cool thing about this is that you don’t have to lift it while shopping. Binders are heavy — especially when “loaded.” You just hit the file system as it sits in the cart seat and place those coupons you’ll need at checkout in the back — a file I label as “checkout.”

      Throw the receipts on top (if it’s in a cheap, cloth shopping bag) and file those receipts later for rebates. It’s a bagged office.

      Whatever works! Everyone is different.

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