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DIY Snowman Birdfeeder

Love this upcyled DIY gift and so will the birds!

I love this DIY Snowman Birdfeeder.  It is the perfect gift for all winter long!  It is simple to make and frugal too.


  • empty 2 liter
  • spray paint
  • black foam
  • glue
  • scrap fabric
  • bird seed
  • plastic plate
  • paint for the face

You need an empty 2 liter bottle, spray painted white with the top painted black for the hat.  The hat rim was cut out of black foam and slid onto the bottle (you may need to glue this if you are hanging it outside).  The body is hand painted and a fabric bow attached for the scarf.  It was glued (use a glue gun) to an inexpensive plastic plate to be used to place the bird seed on.

This would make a fabulous and very inexpensive gift!  Package with a small bag of bird seed and you have very little out of pocket expense.

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