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Gluten Free Menu at Red Robin

Gluten Free Menu at Red Robin

One of our favorite places to eat is Red Robin. After I found out that I was Gluten Free I was so worried I would not be able to eat there. I was thrilled to find out that not only does Red Robin offer a Gluten Free and Allergen Menu that they take strict precautions when it comes to keeping you safe when you dine there.

They serve their Gluten Free and Allergen meals in a yellow basket instead of a red basket.  Not only that but the manager delivers your food to you when you have an allergen.  We often chose to dine out at Red Robin because only do they accommodate me they also offer Gluten Free buns so it so much more than just offering you a burger with no bun.  The gluten free buns taste great too! I hope this helps give you a Gluten Free dining out option.  Always be sure to ask if the fries are being fried in a separate fryer.

When you dine at Red Robin be sure to sign up for their Loyalty Card and their Kids Birthday eClub too!  You can check out the Red Robin Gluten Free Menu Online.

Disclaimer:  I am not a health professional.  I am only sharing my experiences and opinions with you.

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  1. Mary Hall says

    Thank you for this post. Tonight, for the first time since I’ve had to give up gluten, I had something I’ve been craving for the longest time–a gluten-free hamburger and fries! When I got the hamburger, I actually had to confirm with the waitress that it was gluten-free. (The manager didn’t bring my food.) It looked and tasted so “normal”. It was WONDERFUL! Although even when I ate gluten, I didn’t make hamburger and fries an usual part of my diet (and I don’t suspect I will now either), but it was really great to have a hamburger (on a bun!!!).

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