Gluten Free Valentine’s Candy

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Here is a list of Gluten Free Valentine’s Candy. Always be sure to check the label before you consume to be safe!

Gluten-free Valentine’s candy:

• Sweethearts candy hearts from Necco (New England Confectionery Company)
• Hershey’s Kisses, only in plain milk chocolate (not the flavored or striped ones)
• Jelly Belly jelly beans, all flavors
• Dove Heart Promises
• Smarties Valentine Hearts
• M&Ms Valentine Candies, all except for any pretzel-based varieties
• Tootsie Roll Valentine Candies
• Peeps Valentine marshmallow-based treats
• Pez Valentine’s Day candies
• Tootsie Pops Valentine’s lollipops
• Wonka Laffy Taffy, special Valentine’s Day edition
• Charms Valentine Pops

Valentine’s Day candy that’s NOT considered gluten-free:

• Brach’s Conversation Hearts
• York Peppermint Patty Hearts
• Sweetarts
• Jolly Rancher Valentine candy
• Wonka Nerds Valentine candy


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  1. And St. Claire’s Organics breath mints and fruit tarts. Raspberry Pastilles are great for Valentine’s Day!

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