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Stockpiling Saturday – BOGO

How do you take advantage of a BOGO sale?  For anyone new to couponing BOGO is Buy one get one free!

I suggest purchasing papers in multiples of two or ordering in multiples of two. The reason is so that you can really take advantage of buy one get one free sales (BOGO). Most people don’t know that you can use a coupon on both items (including the free item).   At most stores you can use both a BOGO manufacturer coupon and a store BOGO offer together! By doing this you will get TWO items for FREE!

If there are multiple inserts in the paper, I personally buy 2 papers and  I order coupons from a coupon clipping service. I also ask my neighbors  for their inserts.   I have several friends that I swap inserts with after we each cut our coupons.  It is great because I live on a street with all my friends and we swap them back and forth.  We also know what the other uses and we cut for each other.  You begin to really see what your friends use.  I always come home from swaps with coupons for everyone.  Another option is to check out  our Coupons Trains and Coupon Trade!

Hope you have an awesome super bowl weekend!



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