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What is a Manager’s Special?

What is a manager's special

What is a Manager’s Special?  Why do you want to buy it???

Always keep your eyes open for Manager’s Specials.  Every day  departments mark down items that are nearing expiration.  You can often find great markdowns on meat, dairy and produce, bread and bakery/deli.  At most stores you can use a coupon with a Manager’s Special often time making the item free or near free.  We also love when a manager’s special matches with a rebate.

At Kroger you will find Manager’s Specials with the sticker above.  Our tip is to shop early to get the best deal on manager’s specials.  You can often ask your butcher what time he makes his manager’s special reductions.  At my store they make them between 7 am – 8 am which means that I like to be there a little before 8 am for the best selection.

Check out this post: Stockpiling 101 – FoodSaver and Stockpiling for tips on how to extend the life of your Manager’s Specials



      • jennifer says

        My local kroger won’t allow a “store coupon” with managers special but will allow a manufactors coupon. I had a store coupon for bagged salad and it was on manager special for the same amount! So I thought it would be free, but the manager came over & explained the new policy effective 6/2012.

  1. kathy says

    I got some oscar meyer lunch meat a week or so ago at kroger marked down to I think 1.99 for a big pack! worked well with a coupoon I had. I was able to get four packs which was awesome as my family its it like crazy!

  2. Natalie says

    I bought 4 bags of the 3.5 pound Iams cat food that Bi-Lo had on clearance for $4.24 each and used $3/1 coupons on each, paying just $5 for all four bags!

  3. Jennifer Clauson says

    The other day I got a Manger’s Special bag of cheese. It was fully sealed but only had 4.5 oz of shredded cheese in it (the package advertised 8 oz. It was marked down to 10 cents. Great deal for me!

    My Kroger allows coupons with markdowns. I was surprised the other day when the customer service specialist told the cashier to take the entire $5.00 off coupon off the 2 marked down ($2.00/each) mascaras. That gave me a $1.00 overage.

    Manager markdowns are my favorite reason to visit my local Kroger often.

  4. Judy says

    Remke in Taylor Mill has a space for markdowns near the restrooms which are in the back on the left side …some great deals at times

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