Flash #Giveaway :: FREE Taste of Home Subscription (4 winners) :: CLOSED

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UPDATE: This giveaway is CLOSED

The winners are: Jodi, Sheryl, Tammy and Patty

We have (1) FREE subscription (1 year) to Taste of Home Magazine to giveaway to (4) lucky Stockpiling Moms readers.  This is going to be a FLASH giveaway.  It will end at 9 pm EST on 3/29/12.  This means that you have just 24 hours to enter.

To enter:  This is going to be a fun comment contest.  Make as many comments as you like for more chances to enter  :-)  Good Luck!

The winner must have a valid US address to win.

Until midnight (3/28/12) we have a Looney Tunes Magazine for only $13.99 a year.

DiscountMags is the sponsor for this giveaway and is a great resource for ordering Magazines. You can use the code STOCKPILINGMOMS coupon code to get 20% off!


  1. Barbara M says:

    Taste of Home is well worth subscribing to.

  2. Taste of Home is a great southern magazines.

  3. having a great day. weather is great.

  4. who is going to win the big lottery friday.

  5. i love to coupon mainly for the free stuff.yeah

  6. teaching the granddaughter to cook. need all the help i can get.

  7. i sure hope i win. ineed all the help i can get.

  8. Barbara M says:

    I’m learning a lot from your blog site – thank you.

  9. Kulpana A says:

    Time’s almost up! The winners are coming up soon!

  10. Kulpana A says:

    I just found out that StockpilingMoms have a book out. I bet there are many great savings tips.

  11. Kulpana A says:

    Who’s greatful for all these giveaways? I am!

  12. Kulpana A says:

    Hope I win!

  13. Love Taste of Home! Hoping to win!

  14. Taste of Home is the “Egg Mc Muffin” of Magazine’s!

  15. Loving this contest – thanks for the chance!

  16. i’ve never had this magazine before, but looks great! hope i’m one of the lucky ones :)

  17. I miss my Taste of Home magazine!!

  18. Since I’m doing Weight Watchers – I will be dreaming of the meals in Taste of Home!

  19. i could definitely use this! i need all the help i can get!

  20. I even buy Taste of Home magazines at yardsales! Never out of date.

  21. Rani Wheal says:

    I love the magazine. I hope I win

  22. would love to receive a subscription to this magazine!

  23. Taste of Home is the “Egg Mc Muffin” of Magazine’s

  24. i am watching the ducks outside fight over a female. interesting.

  25. i soooo want to win the Taste of Home subscription!

  26. i’m sort of “cooking impaired” so this would be great for me!

  27. beva airhart says:

    ~~~~Taste of Home is Tasty!! :)~~~~

  28. good luck, ladies!

  29. Aimee Dilger says:

    I need a taste of home

  30. Aimee Dilger says:

    This is one crazy contest

  31. ~~~~~~~~~Have a Nice Evening!!~ :)~~~~~~~~~

  32. Aimee Dilger says:

    Everything in my home tastes sort of bad. I could use some help

  33. Aimee Dilger says:

    I like soup

  34. Aimee Dilger says:

    I think I’ll win.

  35. Aimee Dilger says:

    Do you think they have how to cook eggs 50 ways. <~ Looney

  36. what a great giveaway! hope to win the subscription! and thanks!

  37. Aimee Dilger says:

    I just keep commenting so I increase my odds of winning A TASTE OF HOME!!!

  38. Aimee Dilger says:

    tick tock my time is up.

  39. hoping to win this great giveaway!

  40. Happy Thursday :)

  41. Good luck to all the commenters!

  42. Thank you for the generous giveaway