Looking for Coupon Train Conductors

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Coupon Train

Gigi, our fabulous Train Engineer is looking for coupon train conductors to help her take over some coupon trains.  At this time we are not accepting new passengers JUST conductors.

Have you ever wanted to have your very own coupons train? Below you will find some easy guidelines on what it means to have your own train, and how to make sure it has an amazing, carefree ride.

What is my job when I am a conductor?

Being a conductor is fun and a wonderful way to share all the coupons that would sit and expire with the people that can use them, it also creates some wonderful friends :)  You are responsible for this train, treat it like a child and you will have no problems! You should know where your train is at all times, make sure that the coupons are useable for your passengers, and that everyone is having a great time!! Communication is the key to having a great train! The more communication the better the train.

To start your coupon train:

Print out your passenger list and passenger guidelines that are sent to you. Put the passenger list along with  50 eligible coupons, in an envelope and .65 postage to the first person on your list. Eligible coupons are coupons that do not expire for at least a month and can be from the paper, tear pads, blinkies, store or manufacturer coupons or rebates. Do not include peelies or Internet printed coupon!

Email your passengers and introduce yourself. Tell them what the train number is , the riding list, and the link to your train on blog frog so that everyone can post their wishlist.

You yourself should head over to blog frog and under your train number subscribe to the thread, all you need to do is click the button that says you want email updates when people reply to that thread. When you do this you are able to see who and when people post.  Under your train number, post your wishlist  and also the riding list so people can see when they should be on the look out for the train.


Heidi in MA

Alexis in NJ

Teresa in KY

Kayla in DE

Me in SC

Never use last names on the blog, this is for everyone’s safety, using the state they are in is much better :)

After the coupon train is in the mail, visit blog frog to make a comment that the train is on its way to the first passenger. Each passenger will post a comment under your comment when they have sent the train on to the next person so this will be a way to make sure the train is on track.

When someone posts to the blog that they have the train, they have 3 days to mail it to the next person, so what I do is write the date down next to the person’s when they have the train, and when they mailed it out. If it has been 3 days and you don’t see that they have sent it on, you can email them personally and just see where they are with the train, or you can post to the blog asking, it is up to you, I sometimes do both just to make sure the question is being seen. People sometimes forget and that is ok, just make sure you are on top of it because the longer you wait the longer the next person is waiting and that means coupons are expiring that can be used.

When the train arrives back to you::  Take out any expired coupons or coupons that are very close to expiring, and any coupons that have made a round trip (that you put in last time you had the train) and any coupons that you would like for your use. The train on average takes about a month to make a round trip. Send an email to all your passengers that the train has made it’s way back to the station and you are looking to see who would like to take another ride. When you have everyone’s answer then it is time to  replenish the coupons and send out 50 coupons with the passenger list and guidelines again.

Gigi is always an email away if there is ever a question or problem at any point.



Please email Gigi at  stockpilingmomscoupontrain@gmail(d0t)com  if you are interested.

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