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Easter Candy Pouches

Easter Candy Pouches are a simple Easter Craft or Easter Basket Sweet Treat!

I was looking for a fun and easy Easter Craft to do with Peyton and found these Easter Candy Pouches online.  I love them!  They would be the perfect Easter Craft or could be made as a treat for Easter Baskets when filled with candy or other special treats!

Easter Candy Pouches:


  • white, yellow and orange construction paper
  • yarn or string
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • candy or other filler
  • googly eyes
  • markers
  • large eye needle or scotch tape


1. Cut egg shaped pieces of paper from the white and yellow construction paper.

2. Cut a beak and legs from the orange construction paper and bunny ears from the white.

3.  Place the front and the back of the egg patterns together then punch holes around the edges about 1-inch apart.

4.  Thread the yarn or ribbon through the paper egg large eye needle or scotch tape (you can use scotch tape by wrapping the yard or thread and then after you are complete clip it off).

5.  Fill with candy of your choice (jelly beans or chocolates) or you could make this a non-candy treat by filling with small items like stickers or even a cotton filling to make 3D.

6.  Tie off the ribbon or yarn in the back of your egg.

7.  Attach your bunny ears and beak/legs with glue.

8.  Add googly eyes and using markers complete the face/ears.

You could also make this out of felt sheets that you can easily purchase from Michael’s or other craft store.

I adapted this project from Simply Modern Mom.

Be sure to follow Stockpiling Moms on Pinterest for more inspiration!

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