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Timeline School Project

Timeline School Project

This Timeline School Project is a great Homeschooler idea and perfect project for first graders!  I wanted to share with you Peyton’s first grade school project for creating a timeline.  I thought he did a great job and I am a proud Mom so what better way that here on the blog :-)

Timeline School Project

He was to select 7 photos that he felt were his biggest accomplishments or “life events” and write a summary of each.  From birth to Disney World :-)  He was allowed to have help with the writing of this project so we did help him and he used the computer to type his summary at each age.

Then he was to draw a photo of what he would be doing when he was 30 years old.  He chose “working as an astronaut”.  I can’t wait to see if his time line comes true.  This is a great project for 1st graders.  If you are a teacher looking for an end of the year project or a homeschooler it might help give you some inspiration.

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