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#Freebie :: Try Nuvigil for Free

If you have an obstructive sleep apnea or other specific condition this offer is for you!

NUVIGIL is an FDA-approved prescription medicine used to improve wakefulness in adults who experience excessive sleepiness (ES) due to treated obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), shift work disorder (SWD), or narcolepsy.

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    I’ve been fighting with sleep issues for 9 years now, and was just diagnosed with Idiopathic Hypersomnia this Wednesday. I’ve been taking 250mg/day of Nuvigil since Friday morning. The medication worked great during the day on Friday. I used to sleep somewhere between 12 – 18 hours per day, and would fall asleep any time. I was relaxed up until then. However, I couldn’t sleep Friday night at all. Took it again Saturday morning after no sleep, and it dragged me through the day. Still couldn’t force myself to sleep Saturday night. Finally slept 3 hours last night after experiencing hallucinations. Hoping I’ll acclimate well after a few weeks, as Friday I felt better during the day than ever before. Want that feeling back again.

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