Gluten Free Bloomfield Farms Review

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I recently had the opportunity to try Bloomfield Farms products at the Louisville stop of the Celiac Awareness Tour.  I have to say that I have not had cornbread since I went Gluten Free and miss it a bunch!  Being a Southern girl I do love corn muffins!

I sampled the corn muffins, brownies and cookies and they were all delish!  In fact if you are looking for a “box” gluten free baked good I would suggest checking out Bloomfield Farms.  They did not taste like cardboard which is always a risk you take when trying a new Gluten Free food.  They were tender and very “real” tasting.

I decided to price them at Whole Foods and I found them to be far less that some other Gluten Free brands so for the price (often times I worry when paying less than a big name brand) it is definitely worth saving yourself the money.

Also this company is from Kentucky so another reason to support them :-)

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  1. This is the first southern style biscuits I’ve had in 13 years. Thank you.

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