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Have you ever fallen off the coupon wagon? How can you get back on it?

One of our readers recently told me that she fell off the couponing wagon and got very disorganized in the process. Has this every happened to you? If so how did you get “back on” the wagon?

I have personally never fallen “off the coupon wagon” but I think that it is because I stockpile. After you build your stockpile you are able to take “weeks” off of shopping which gives you a break from having to get in on every single deal or from even shopping on a weekly basis.  There are actually months that I take off of shopping every year.  It is a great break for me and I live off my stockpile during those times.

If you want to get started couponing or you have fallen off the wagon, the best piece of advise I can give is to always keep up with clipping and filing your coupons if you use the binder method. There is nothing more overwhelming or discouraging than having a “sea” of coupons that you need to clip. It makes me feel that I can’t breathe or that I am drowning. Have you ever had that feeling? A couple of times in my couponing, after a vacation or during the summer or other busy time in your life it is easy to happen. When it does you reach a point where you can get in on any deals because you are so behind and it gets so overwhelming that it is easy to throw your hands up in the air.

When I find myself in that boat I call in the “troops”. That is my husband. I tell him that I need help and he steps up and helps me clip, sort and file! I have to say that there have only be a couple times in the years that I have been doing this that it has happened but once I am back in control and organized then I am able to get in the deals and save.

As for falling “off the coupon wagon”, I thought I would give you a few tips for keeping yourself “on the wagon” instead.

1. Keep your coupons clipped, filed and organized every week. Create a routine and stick to it. For me, I clip Sunday and file Monday.
2. Rely on the bloggers to do the work for you. Follow a blogger that covers the store deals so that you can simply go to their weekly matchups and print your list. It will save you lots of time.  Visit our Aldi, Kroger, Meijer, Remke, Walmart, CVS and Walgreen’s Deals.  We also post a Stockpile Time post for the best deals to shop each week.
3. Consider using a coupon clipping service. It is a great way to organize larger quantities of coupons so that you can stockpile when the deal cycles.
4. Organize your coupons in a system that works for you. We love the binder method. We clip all coupons that we would use if the items were to go free or near free.
5. Know the coupon lingo – if you do you will be able to save more and understand all of the deals that are posted.
6. Don’t stress out about getting in on “every” deal. The deals cycle and they will come back around.
7. Enjoy your savings! There is no other “job” that I have had that gave me such joy. I love leaving the store on a “coupon high” and saving the money to provide things for my family that they would not normally have.

I hope this helps!  So have you ever fallen off the coupon wagon?



  1. MaryJane says

    Enjoyed the post..I have never fallen off the coupon wagon..The money I save by couponing gives me a very satisfying feeling.

  2. michelle deibel says

    i used to have fun sharing with my family the savings i would receive with coupons, until the extreme couponing show. that runied it for me and others, i feel they over did it way too much and now there are so many rules for the different stores and there coupons that i just cant enjoy it like i used to SAD days ahead as i really need to use as many coupons as i can to sat afloat.

  3. Melissa Ives says

    I have a tendency to forget my binder and be in a hurry on weekends when my husband is out of town for work, so I pay the full price and with that sinking feeling that I know my binder is sitting at home with coupons for almost every item I am buying! Worst feeling. I am trying to keep it in the car all the time now and hoping this helps me! I hate seeing my hard earned dollars spent when they could have been saved!

  4. Tanya says

    Yep! I have been off the wagon for a couple months now. Life just got busy and I got behind. The nice thing was being able to live off our stock for a good part of that, but even my husband commented the other day about how our ‘stock’ is pretty much non existant now. I really need to step it up and jump back in.

  5. Leeanna Thomas says

    I find myself clipping coupons then forgetting to use them. I would love to do a stockpile but have no clue how to even start one lol…. Thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome prize!

  6. Robin says

    Every few months I’ll get busy traveling and when that happens I fall off the wagon, my Sunday coupons pile up and when I finally slow down I try to pick back up where I started.

  7. Joan Arrowood says

    I enjoy couponing…But, I have to confess there have been times I have either not cut out the coupons and filed them or just cut as I needed…this is not a good thing to do tho…I try to take my binder in every store I go into…You just never know when you will see a good deal and you don’t have that coupon…(I like the binder method also.).One thing I do that helps me, I have a small file and I labeled each tab by store and I file the coupons I know I will be using that trip..and then I still have my big binder just in case.. :)If, I were to win this offer I would choose the Brown & Blue Paisley one..Good Luck to All!!

  8. Theresa Lawson says

    Great article, yes I have fallen and I can’t reach my organizer!! Please help me come back, as we have moved and job situation changed! Thanks

  9. KAtie says

    I have fallen off the coupon wagon due to lots of sickness in our household and now i seem to not even have the energy to shop this would be a great item to reboost my energy for couponing

  10. Tammye says

    I recently retired and needed a way to save a little more money. I started following several of the blogs and learned how to get the most bang for my buck. I think sometime I try to do too much and want to get every deal. I need to remember what you said–the deal cycle will come back around. The coupon binder would be a great help in my new “hobby”.

  11. Ann Marie Curatolo says

    Yes I have fallen off, I got Behind with clipping, purging and filing my coupons in my binder. But I am in the process of trying to get myself back I back in the swing of things. It’s easy for life to get in the way, I have been do busy I haven’t even had a chance to watch tv which is my normal clipping time. Things are starting to settle down now

  12. JUlie says

    I have fallen way off with couponing. ever since I broke my leg and ended up in a hospital bed for four months I have fallen way off \

  13. Nichole says

    I have fallen off the wagon. I am trying to get back on but it is slow. I have been making some progress the last couple of weeks. Thank you for the giveaway today.

  14. Catherine Sexton says

    I have fallen (slightly) off the wagon, for 2 months now I have been using coupons like regular people (GASP) not looking at adds, stacking, etc……. I NEED TO WIN A NEW ORGANIZER!!!

  15. Jolisa Sheridan says

    I fell off the wagon because we went through a very difficult financial period of which we didn’t have money to buy groceries let alone stockpile. I was unable to buy papers so I could coupon and I swear I went through withdrawals!! I had to go on WIC because I’m pregnant and have two kids. This was the worst financial time in our lives and my husband and I were very stressed!! I am happy to say that we put our trust in GOD and things are looking up already. He is blessing us dramatically and I look forward to getting back “On the wagon”!!
    I miss having a cupboard full of things to give the kids to snack on!! :-)

  16. Amy Asch says

    These are great tips for getting back on the “wagon”. I REALLY need to do as much as I can now that I lost my job and am expecting my second child in 3 months!!

  17. Britney Garcia says

    This was a really nice inspirational article. I want very much so to learn the ropes of couponing. So that my family can benefit from it. We are very tight with money and I feel that couponing could help us loosen that some, and have alittle more fun with life. I am determined now to stick with it….!!!!

  18. Mary Ellen Csonka says

    I dont fall off the wagon even when I am on vacation. I am too afraid I would get too far behind. I get 10 papers a week, so I have alot of clipping. I would love to win the organizer! It will really be helpful in taking the binder to the store. Thanks for offering this to us.

  19. Kevin Brubaker says

    the binder is the best way to keep things organized. Only problem is it keeps growing and growing. We may have to go to 2 binders.

  20. says

    Lately I have fallen off the wagon (I am sad to say) :0( . I have a few weeks of coupons on my coffee table and have not gotten around to clipping! I need help with organization. I read your blog and was happy to here that I don’t have to catch every deal because they will recylce. I need to take at least two weeks off. I love couponing and have a great stockpile.

  21. Nancy says

    At times I will get overwhelmed with the number of coupons out there and not be organized enough with the ones I have, so I will miss out on the real deals and get discouraged. I have not completely fallen off at those times, but it sure discourages me and takes me a while to really see how to make the best of my coupons.

  22. KimmieBlakely says

    Love this article. From time to time I fall off with events that happen in my life. If I won I would pick the turquoise and kiwi, love them!!!

  23. Tammy says

    Good article. It is sometime trying to not fall of the wagon but I’m afraid I’m off more than on these days. I need to get organized!

  24. Stephanie says

    I have just recently gotten back on the wagon after having fallen off over a year ago. Our son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last March, so life as we knew it was turned completely upside down. Now that we’re on the road to getting his diabetes under control, I’ve been trying my best to get back to couponing, especially now that we have his monthly medical supplies to budget for. Thank you for your website. It has been such a huge help to me.

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